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Backlash and negative campaigning

Europe has already begun its negative campaigning against Anti-Europeans in its most difficult partner- Britain. Through diplomacy or intimidation,it believes there are these points to be exploited:

  • The British people fear a ‘Vaticanisation’ of the City of London? Banking whispers, suspicious and shadowy concealment

  • Viva Las Vegas becomes Viva las Londres, with all the gambling and the banking lottery of testosterone fuelled insecurities.

  • A Dickensian economic and social desert of a hinterland would feed the risk taking irresponsibilities such as the Credit crunch in 2008.

  • Isolationism as a foreign policy, as a direct result of Briton’s independence

  • A threat from European ex-partners using methods of persuasion that might imperil or conflict with international law- every agency using dubious means to destroy arguments for a European precedent in which others may follow Britain- they will not play nice.

  • A referendum held in post general election in Britain that could impinge on a psychological fear of the period that swamped the UK the last time a referendum was held over Europe in the UK- namely IMF loans, OPEC spiralling of oil prices, 3 day weeks, power cuts, trade union strikes official and otherwise etc

  • A threat to extract Scotland from the UK by the backdoor, regarding European membership for Scotland- basic divide and rule.

  • A claim that ‘massage Farage’ is a European enemy, when in fact Europeans would rather deal with a one hit wonder with no infrastructure, no specific power base, no central demographic, and no 2nd , 3rd, 4th ,let alone 5th gear. Europe is licking its lips at the propect of dealing with a fledgling inexperienced anti-monolithic part-timers.

  • Red tape and courtroom filibustering could threaten the UK’s hypothetical independence from the EEC

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