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Human Camoflage

Are we distorting human instinctiveness, our innate human camouflage, by our socialisation processes? Do we not ‘disguise’ our animalistic originality?

I think we are, by euphemism, political correctness, expediency, envy, negligence and capacity for manipulation. Indeed, instead of fulfilling our positive life force, ironically not permitting that freedom, that human function, we ‘function’ in short-termism in a ‘immediate’ society based upon instantaneous gratification. Human camouflage has its roots in bio-diversity, an eco-system and a micro-climate that is unique to man. I believe that humans must use all sectors of the human community to bring benefit for all life on earth. I believe that you don’t have to be loose with ethics or be privileged not to bring benefits to all life. We must recognise that there are obsessed money men and cut-throat businesses who can nevertheless make philanthropic and bold corporate provision for all of life on earth, and will continue in that vein in the exploration of possibilities on other planets discovered by man in the future.

Microsoft is one such multi-national corporate business to fund fundamental change in the third world . Therefore, let us not lobotomize our potential, hacking-off future support for good causes by some rationalisation of political correctness or, non-exploration of the human ‘animal’ instinct to protect and guard our fellow man and other life on earth.

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