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Information is power

But it is the acquisition of self-knowledge that corrupts man. To be metaphorically drunk on ones own freedoms is to be free only temporarily from ones shadows. Why do we pay silver for the illusion of freedom only to prevent someone else’s? Perhaps we seek enlightenment.

Perhaps freedom isn’t enlightenment.

The bumblings of ‘The Tao of Pooh’ register a non occidental shortcut to understanding of the Universe, but that requires a suspension of Western rationalism - losing a modus operendi isn’t something that agrees with our westernised view of enlightenment. Therefore it follows that a fusion of East and West philosophical endeavour would incorporate values that are sustainable to human experience. This outcome is based to counter the fallibility of man who is nevertheless reconciled with a pragmatism that’s largely empirical, and open to positive reform, as an organic response. People can advance only if they admit humanities failings, and pragmatism at least counternances human failure.

Such pragmatism can address the debate about the supposedly irreconcilable forces of materialism and morality in a political context. I believe that Capitalism can be seen in operation today as a wealth creator an employer, a socially responsible asset to social benefits like the provision of the NHS via responsible taxation – this recognises the successful adaptability of a liberal market fused with resources responsibly universal. It ain’t perfect, but it works. However, I’m not just arguing that the virtues of Capitalism can be extended to embrace cultures or societies, I’m saying that we require a complete rethink of being one’s own boss to unite humanity in a more root and branch ‘collective appreciation of the individual’ to match a far reaching agenda. This can be democratic, universal and participatory. Many think that ‘rolling Capitalism’ wouldn’t expose the ‘true nature’ of exploitation and insufferable distortions between the haves and the have not’s, but would expose those who psychologically want to do harm to a status quo regardless of any political, economic and social direction. Some hate for a raison d’etre, and not for any self-proclaimed loftier or squalid reason.

Is the fallacy of money = happiness or not? For those who need to hate, they really couldn’t give a monkey’s, and moreover, they endorse political criminality.

It’s the buzz stupid!

Let me clarify, one has to be aware that it is not the money that drives even the most hardened of capitalists, it is the ’buzz’ of the deal and not the big bang of spending its proceeds lavishly. Consumerism is capitalism’s great ally yet what happens to the man who has everything except what motivates him? It is “the Buzz stupid!”, and not distractions, be them brazenly artificial and excessive. Socialists indulge themselves too, in contrasting how ‘degenerate’ and ‘shallow’ money is compared with the ‘science’ and the perceived moral superiority of egalitarianism, and the assumption that the will of the majority will be grateful and eternally happy.... Forgive me here, but when in human history have we been satisfied with our lot, devoid of envy, or sense of superiority? When in human history have we avoided any pretext for war? However, beyond the darkness of political conspiracies, we find pragmatism.

The Future poses us serious questions about the limits of food, carbon dioxide, access to water, curing diseases, a rise in population that the Earth’s resources can’t provide, the immunity to fertilisers, limits of fossil fuels, climate change, global warming etc and what are Socialists worry about? Who should they find most worthy to ‘responsibly’ spend the earth’s resources on the same scale and then hide the repetition of human failure that they claimed they could eradicate? A loyal supporter and a company man? Perhaps they should call another meeting and not find any opposition in the imposition of ‘policy failure’.... or blame someone else for it....... Is it a superiority or an inferiority complex that only the appointed few know what’s in the Proletariat’s best interests? I thought socialists didn’t do Superiority? I thought Socialists don’t do inferiority either?

IT’s a force for the future?

Perhaps Capitalism, consumerism and materialism can contain its own frailties by expansion of the computerised age of individualilty accessing what they want, and when and where to be their own masters. Ah, finally a piece of morality meets materialism, which will involve everyone, that isn’t a Trojan Horse for Left or Right wing cynicism.

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