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The blew-it generation

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Antropocene? Solastalgia? Scale-electric Brexit? Who is going to put the Putin -in?

Glenn Albrecht the ozzie philosopher is an interesting bloke, who sees our generation as the blew-it generation. He argues that a complete breakdown, chaos, social gridlock, political panic and economic disintegration, is all our generation's fault, because of our reckless attitude to the planet in an environmental catastrophy that cannot be reversed. We are the meltdown man, hence we live in a stratigraphic era of the Antropocene, where we are sleepwalking into the 'inevitable environmental disaster but seem paralyzed to change it.We are Solastalgic.

Or, would you prefer take issue with Scottish, British and Continental independence referenda? Can Cameron still count on the conservative with a small 'c 'Scottish as opposed to Brexit? But have the Scots raised the spectre of having more than one referedum to resolve nationalism issues? So is Brexit inevitable? Will Boris prefer Brexit issues to national parliamentary ones? Isn't that ironic that Boris might prefer dealing with Europe rather than dealing with his own, even if he 's trying to win Brexit? Does he want to primarily win Brexit at the expense of being PM of Britain? If Boris sacrificed his political career for Brexit, wouldn' t that send the most powerful of messages? Could he succeed as a man rather than as a politician, or is his ego too important to him? These are the unresolved questions of Mandelson-like 'dark arts', but it would explain why Brexit are worried enough to exploit a financial scandal involving the PM, because UKIP are being overrun by Conservative backbenchers with their own agendas, where UKIP are emerging as not in control of their own party borders let alone Brexit's.

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