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Vote for today

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Remain campaign are convincing for today, but what about in 10 years time?

If we had control over our borders then theoretically we could increase our immigration numbers?

Don't be put off by the mudslinging tabloid hooliganism of the debate. That's democracy.

Are there many UK billionaires who support Brexit prepared to lay it all on the line? Are we in this together or not?

Expect 10 years of red-tape and endless negotiations to disentangle the UK from the EU.

Expect a return to the EU in 50 years.

It is Thatcher and Major who started the inexorable demand for Brexit when they negotiated Maastricht. Devolution was won then, independence of the UK was negotiated and not voted for then.

I like David Cameron's arguments and respect him as the PM who risked his own political scalp to bring the first nationwide referendum involving all Tory thinking since 1975-79.

Not so fast on the Cameron's political obituary; he hasn't lost yet. But he won't be our PM in 10 years, and that is when we will need his steadfastness, when the UK will truly be more adrift from Europe than ever, in or out.

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