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The construction of the economy stupid

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Why 'stop the city' when you can rebuild non London-centric urban competitors in the rest of Britain? It's the construction of the economy stupid.

Building more on the South East is a false economy.

It's not just the homeless but those drugged up to the eyeballs financially with paying off the bank loan who are most detached from basic quality of life in Britain today. My generation have to compete with faster quicker snappier graduates of whom freebee-ing it as apprentices are endangering our job security etc. Debt shouldn't ever be a manifesto for constructing business, neither should being homeless or off the system off the grid be a manifesto for grid-lock. How can we build a better environment? We need to build and restore, literally.

Not in my backyard.

Where I live on the Sussex Surrey border, people can't afford Guildford house prices, but have lived in Cranleigh all their lives and for generations. Local doesn't mean a pub here, but means honouring our dead who fought for our country and our neighbourhood. Almost next door to me lived a family who lost 3 sons on the Somme battlefield. We know who we are ,we're not anonymous nor the conurbation of Guildford.

Building Strategies that are dubious.

Some planning decisions are made based on having to railroad something through. This is how it works: Horse trading the rail route to the North,a new runway at Heathrow, incinerators for rural areas,fracking, or building a new Milton Keynes a second on your doorstep. Which get's priority? Which community turns against another community? They are setting Britons against each other.

The Planner's bargaining chip, or developing heaven visits Britain? Perhaps they are working together to fake a lost planning issue in Guildford but a victory in getting the go ahead for another runway at Heathrow - not if Zac Goldsmith has anything to do with it. Perhaps politicians do horsetrading too? No, never! Perhaps Theresa May wants to see who she can count on here, who are her real friends?etc

In England, it's the North and Midlands stupid!

Housing or runways once again in the South East surely are just non-sequitters?

Surely May has prioritised the rail link to Scotland and not just the North to keep tabs on the Scottish government? Or perhaps she actually understands the potential gold mine of the relocation of the the economy northwards? Why not have a Heathrow in Leeds? Why not have a housing programme generated in the North and midlands? Business doesn't need regional politicians, the public have no appetite for it, so why not have something more concrete? A Northern or Midland economy to compete with London. Don't make the rest of the country pay for London's self absorption. Build today, tomorrow and succeed joining up all of the country.

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