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Popularism, nationalism, soft targets and soft touches


"Gingerism" not "gingerization".

When our tongues have been loosened and political correctness goes out of the window, the tired wit, if he can't mock anybody else will rely on the old favorites of mocking the redhead, and will try to pass it off as 'gentle banter'.. But imagine this was going on in the home of more redheads per population than anywhere else in the world - is this possible? Imagine at Murrayfield tartan hats with embroided false red hair sown in as a matter of national pride, an emblem of Scottishness, was actually the source of 'gingerist' type of prejudice against the bloody English! They have become a soft target and a soft touch for Scottish 'gentle banter'. How could the Scots be so predictably caught - out by making the English appear the victim of low grade racism? The English have become victims! Why have the Scottish government been using Blair's 'on off, on off button when draping the flag around their shoulders?

Instead of gingerization, Scots have become metaphorically 'gingerist' against the Old enemy! The other day I heard a conversation that went like this: ".. drop England into the Atlantic and then rule over the rest of the UK". I have Celtic blood (Scottish, welsh and Irish) and I am a proud redhead and yet have been cursed as a "fucking Englishman" just because I don't have a Scottish accent. Blood runs deeper than just an accent.Be very careful Scotland. And I thought that I was taught English as my first language yet it is now the Scots who speak 'English' ('national cynicism') as their 'only' language. Unfortunately, there are further examples of the consequences of Scottish cynicism : to manipulate the vote for and against Brexit to trigger an opportunity for Scottish independence, which in turn led to the popularist 'Brexit influenced vote for Trump in the USA. Was Brexit a soft target for the Scots too? If you don't like Trump or you fear him, perhaps the SNP might have some explaining to do? Or not ? You decide.

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