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Twas not mixed equally

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

"Twas not mixed equally" (J.Donne)

How to unpackage the conspiratorial is the key to understanding ideology in most of its forms.

"You've got to really hate the Romans!" is equally as pertinent to "Why don't you love the Romans?" Aren't they both predictable, transparent and conformist? It seems as though most of my generation went through the same diatribe or its opposite by the time they got to University. You learn how to do the opposite of the easy answer and let yourself be governed by the laws of defiance, resentment and affected scorn directed at the system. We all learnt how to spot 'Teacher's pet'. We have the indisputable truth of ideology(psychological and political) served-up on a platter of 'being unable to hear ourselves think' and therefore being unable to see ourselves in the mirror. Personalized ideological agendas "Twas not mixed equally".

So any radical ideas acquired by the unique perseverance of our individual passion and dedication applied by our altruism, providing a rallying call for our generation to storm the barricades, is,a rites of passage that can run from either a joke and amusement to something like Les Misfar . Teenage rebellion by thinking we're individually different and not like the generation before us who squandered their chance to change society, cannot be let to fester.

Likewise the free market can not be left to choke or be restricted by both state ownership or over reliance on private lacklustre performance dragging the old regime into the 21st century. Likewise unnecessary 'red tape' is produced when ones business is stifled when rooted to inflexible social or business hierarchies. Yet 'I believe in the potential and inventiveness of meeting life head on, an exercise that rejects mantras, speeches, without hard work but a redistributing of individual and societal confidence " without ideology".

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