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The 'invisible hand' of Capitalism

There's no handshake when the 'invisible hand' of Capitalism grasps the Marxist paws that are 'withering away'.

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Perhaps class federalism replaces class feudalism and the manipulation of social control from the 'state' becomes artificial. Indeed social deference and it's opposite of social hatred could be dropped by social symbiosis , eliminating the need for social comparisons fixated with wealth and materialism. How ? Why?. Once materialistic variations of the whole social unit are neither stigmatized or excessively 'over-stimulated', there is no function for first past the post financial thinking to devour class potential by making extremes out of wealth. Wealth is another construct that doesn't have to live in a gated community, protected by paranoid thinking. Once the social ladder is levelled-out the 'only way is no longer up', but anywhere you want.

Abandon the concept of feudal society and embrace the full class umbrella of Britain. Therefore 'broad church Britain' would enjoy a 'mixed' social economy through the conveyor-belt of stakeholder's and shopkeeper's defending our territory by coexistence. This is the 'blitz' spirit that my parents experienced, only without the Nazi bombs, just a very British Luditism to contend with.

Federalism by popular consent would endeavour to reward 'collective individualism', where Britain accepts and celebrates a social rainbow of classes integrating. Poverty was at the heart of Dickensian Britain, but poverty in our era is relative to 3rd world poverty. Indeed, only an attempt to revive the continent of Africa,for example, by developing demographics that are not social classes at variance with each other can Africa compete on a world stage. What do I mean? Don't make the same mistakes of social class hatred in 19th century Britain as it will take well into the 21st century for Britain to fix its own social class problem and repair itself. How crucial and self-defining would it be to 'invent' a complete new re-wiring of the social class organism in the 'laboratory' of Britain that would make us world leaders!?! How good could it be for Britons to end social class hatred without any reference to egalitarianism!?! Then this country would be capable of any social leadership and enhance the idea of self-repair and social deregulation at the same time. Perhaps this is the true dispensation for the end of the 'Cold War', where Britons can rejoice with the after burners of ambition being triumphant in the face of cynical distortion. It is ironic that social class liberation used to be a claim of socialism, but it just paralyzed and devoured 'society' into fear and paranoia. Today that is something that we can change without yesterday's ideology. Or not? You decide.

Did the full after burner's of ambition really triumph over self-regard of cynicism (the Cold War)? Hell yes!

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