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Dominance, under-representation and the consequences of open competition

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Would General Lee have agreed today that segregation in Sport is wrong? But if it wasn't, Athletics would expose the European creation of the Olympics as a vehicle for Africans to monopolize medals, victories and all the glory of excelling, whilst Europeans are second best and Middle-Eastern and Asian athletes are under-represented? Would General Lee want to segregate Athletes between the elite alpha males and females and the rest? Perhaps an independent Olympic games for elite athletes only?.

I would pay to see his face as an elite Oympics would showcase the generations after slavery of Africans coming back to haunt him. Perhaps he could get a job as a janitor serving elite athletes, if he works hard?

From before Babylon onwards, the scurge of slavery has tormented; so why do Neo-Nazi's of today want to re-invoke pre-industrial America's troubled ways?! Why is slavery still a 'divisive' issue in the 21st century dominant superpower? There is only one type of slavery and that is the one that is fought root and branch. Are our memories like goldfish? Remember the 'Cold War' slavery of Eastern Europeans systemically punished for trying to escape to the free West? So much for the free West if we can't even get our house in order where slavery is a thing of the past buried deep into the pit of extinction. As an Englishman who was schooled in the guilt of British Empire, let's move on from self-fladgilation in America too. Don't give opportunists any daylight! All America has suffered enough already, it has done its penance, confessed its sins, so silence those who want to to dig-up the grave of history and exploit it.

I know Trump has 'delayed' his out-right condemnation, and he should be censured for that, but don't underestimate lump that is Trump! He's probably livid that he's been compromised by a section of the electorate that would have voted Republican anyway, and will avenge the voting blackmailers with relish. By his initial equivocation no one will expect Trump to use all his FBI,CIA and NSA etc contacts to do terminal damage to these over-weight goose-steppers. That is after all why he was elected, because he's the type of loose-canon that will crush anyone that get's in his and America's way. Lesson one America- don't cross Donald Trump! I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards who will be ground into dirt in their own backyard, because Trump will exercise more power than the 'conventional' and politically correct President Obama could have dreamed of, and will hunt these murderous bastards down.

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