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The mismatch of Trump versus the American media

Trump sees the media as the American public sector, an exclusive indulgence for Ivy league graduates, plump with bringing the Ferrari of the American Dream to a standstill of neo-Europeanism. He asks the simple question of why rely on the media to convey any message but theirs when he can swerve the media with twitter. Policy by twitter is innovative and personified by the most powerful man in the world, so why does he have to lean on the carthorse of the media when they are one step behind him and one step behind the selfie of direct message to the people who voted him in? The media are hostile to him and have created a news loop castigating his homespun provacations that needle them. Yet he monopolizes the media- round one to Donald. The more his relationship with the media breaks down the more he plays it for a sucker! He advertises his policy by playing the outrageous brazen policy on the hoof and expect to sack 3 people today(phone in if you want me to sack him or him or her etc) on a whim. He's compelling and so media orientated that the media are blind to his extravagence - he's toying with you! He's more media savvy than the actor President Reagan! He wants a figurative punch-up with the pundits and the pollsters because he isn't interested in winning 60% or 70% of the electorate , he wants 51% to make it interesting for him. This is someone who isn't just well versed in controversy but is controversy, and feeds-on it. He needs his political oxygen to breathe life into his claim that's he's a victim of media persecution and its black arts, just like you and I. What a narrative! Doesn't he just compell us to watch his reality TV show called 'Play it again uncle Sam' Presidency being 'processed by' the mad media of equilibrium. Foreign Policy ? The only foreign policy failures have been the inability of the Western media's to get a story of invasion or political assasination that would support the claims of incompetence from the US media. Perhaps isolationism will have to do as an allegation, rather than imperialism. Or perhaps he is the foreign policy? He knows he's not Mr Perfect but Mr dominant. He's not a fake or cool, he's the core of a nuclear reactor warning that his plutonium will come down on those who aren't giving him and America enough respect. Demographics. He's not Mr middle-class, he's Mr aspiration. He's not refined or aloof, he's Mr flourescent. He is Mr turnover until he get's his team in his positions with his values. Sackings, demotions make him more threatening than'Scary Reagan', banal Carter and Mr love Obama. He's made America very uncomfortable with itself, and recognises that the far Left are no longer the problem but the passive America is. Meanwhile the democrats can't decide whether to eat apple-pie without napkins. Ideological reasoning Perhaps the powers that be want America to go too far, whilst not being knocked off it's axis. Today America can take it, where America is well matched for conspiracies and counter conspiracies. Those who remember the Civil Rights movement shouldn't be wholly disgusted; he's flushed -out all the neo-Nazi's and KKK for you! Woody Allen would be Trumps's anti- hero, and vice versa. Clarity too clear for you? How about a conspiracy of employing his daughter to negotiate for him in a global conference? Too much of a out-stripping of feminism to the media's liking? Didn't Germaine Greer say that Feminism would emerge as public policy but not in the most obvious form? Well there you have it! In front of you! Idiosyncracy rather than blind ideology depicts Trump the best.Imagine Andy Warhol, Dick Chaney and Florida rolled into one. Trump is irreverent not an upholder of the status quo. Expect Trump to be subliminally compared with Bush senior and George W Bush,and he's not doing the damage to America that his critics think he is. He'll visit Texas and brave the Climate Change brigade who will be waiting for him. To add a further perspective on his Presidency,doesn't he come - up smelling of roses if you compare him with Silvio Berlisconi? We have to remember that whilst the media accuse Trump of being Pol Pot, he's not even a Silvio let alone a Pol Pot. Trump the conspirator His daughter, his independence from Republican uniformity, and him not being risk -averse make him a challenge. But would either Bushes argue for a response to Storm Harvey that could hyperthetically transform America's economy whilst riding on the back of the green movement? Trump's hair-brained scheming is legendary. He'd brashly unveil the building of a thousand ships to be powering the American national grid by wind-power or water turbines or solar panels, sailing without a crew and permenantly at sea and close to carbon neutral,as long as it would fulfill several conditions: iwouldn't impair the American Navy and its military capacity, and as long as it didn't intrude on his latest golf course. Perhaps these issues guide him in making every policy? But wait, doesn't this untie his hands on leading the nation into unconventional policies that might move the country on in the right direction, regardless of its superficial origins? Grab this with both hands! People should have to care how much small he's put in to the collection plate on Sundays when he's got the audacity to do great things without him really being conscious of it. it doesn't matter whether he knows the difference between global warming and global cooling as long as he can lead the way for America for it to stop smoking the cigarette of Industrial pollution by making money from it. I don't think that the Bushes have.....capable of eye opening innovation. Sometimes its best not to give a politician too much credit because the policy might actually be better off without the profile of Presidential interest. Why not? Perhaps Trump will be the type who 'always knows' but never lets -on until you find yourself looking for a new job. Or perhaps we should demystify our expectations of any politician, let alone feel sorry for them. Even the Left are run by politicians who spray political correctness as if it's confetti whilst neglecting their constituents in favour of their own personal greed or ambition. P.C is the botox of our era, you only use it when you can 'afford it'. Your figurative face may be without wrinkles but you stuck with a permanent smile to any event no matter how grave. They've been botoxed!

Responsibility of the media, its trust issues and dealing with guilt.

This permanent fixation and its irresponsibe 'bad-boy depiction of Trump as a misanthropic gender preditor, glitz-git,shameless lout' number, isn't just short-sighted but is old-hat 2 dimensionality best saved for slack thinking and moronic head- banging. It does also lasting damage to the status and gravitas of the media, and also hasn't gone unnoticed by Americas enemies-how long do you think it took N. Korea to figure-out that where there is American division there are more opportunities for it to do its worst to it? Furthermore, the free media ain't so free when it's tied down to long held resentments or when it over-reacts to Trump's success in portraying it as a 'fifedom and a law unto itself'. If you're smart you'd have already got a love-in with Trump 'who has let you down' rather than being too easy to manipulate by him.

Conclusion He is a lone star not wanting to be fenced -in, he is a frontier's man living in the 21st century who has swapped discovering what it is like to be a cowboy for the unlimited expanse of unconquered territory just waiting to make money for him. That is his subversive quality that many who voted for him like about him. He sees the economy in America as teamwork in America for American's. The only true antagonism that endures about Trump is that he's still searching for the next scheme that can offend the oversensitive and anger the loyalist's and the jackals who hang around waiting for a mistake. He is Mr mistake in big headlines in lights and they still can't drag him down to their level; he doesn't know how to put the break-on, and those many who resent him are grateful that he's provided them with a hate -figure, and a reality cheque for their scoop.

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