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Political Hackery and Overspun Humbug

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Objective Where ever I find corrupt, over-popular, or over naive stuff? Time to debunk it! It doesn't pay to be on the side where there are no sides, but burning my bridges is always a useful exercise. It affords the peace of perspective and freedom of human noise , human traffic and human clutter.

General principle

If i've slagged off the Right for along time, then rather than overstay my welcome in the comfort of political correctness,then it's time to slag off the Left. Only when I've completed my 'break all the rules all at once to every one about every one' will it satisfy my curiosity about human nature.

Rules for Re-Hab politicos

How to begin to unbreak your heart : - all politician's are ego-centric -If there is a perfect world it ain't on this one - You learn about hatred when you see it in the eyes and out of the mouth of your best friend -Don't try to make-up new rules for necessary brown -nosing - Brown nosing is inevitable, but if you can master its desired impact then you can learn how people can brown nose to you. -Learn how to bare being publically humiliated so that being in the stocks isn't permanent -Don't run, just quietly remove yourself from a dangerous predigament, like having to pay some of the household bills. Always contest the phone bill. -Keep walking away in your head and then when you can escape you'll be ready. -Don't stop walking until you can tell the difference between the Earth's natural tilt and not eating lotus-leaf humble-pie. -Pretend to be convinced that 'dumb or numb' is the real 'smart'. -Understand that you have already developed a'face to meet the faces that you meet' by multi-choice, and don't be freaked-out by you being a dust-bin man, a postman, an accountant, a solicitor,a priest, a student, the boss etc before your commute to work.


What do you get if you take a 'long vacation'? A new figurative passport so that you can slip through the crowd unnoticed whilst being aware of everything and everyone.. Camorflage is the new 9 to 5, whilst watching is the new fix.


The person you were before was more than you are today, and it shouldn't feel good to be less, but it immeasurably does.

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