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Paradox Belief


In the laws of physics a force pushing in one direction is met with a force pushing in the opposite direction. humans just push in an erratic way because they are ignorant of what they are pushing against. But this is a human error but God nevertheless humans with free will. This is 'Paradox Belief'.

If faith is eternal, humans are at the beginning of time. We didn't know sin until we created it, by the tree of knowledge.We didn't know the strength of our resolve to defy God in the garden of Eden or our present crash-pad. we also didn't think that God created man to exclude a birth, which would have necessitated a woman; and what are you thinking? Chicken or egg? We didn't know our nakedness and the shame and guilt of it ,until we realised that Mankind was formed in the likeness of God. Love is a necessity that can join people together or destroy their innocence. just like William Blake's poems we only know how to appreciate beauty until we have found the complete opposite in ourselves. You only know too much when you've had too much.

No wonder we are insignificant individually if we cant collectively change things for the betterment of society in general? Yet we believe we are intrinsic to every fibre of life in every second of our lives. The vastness of the universe was once a small ball of energy which God released as an eternal masterpiece of his eternal love for humans. How can we appreciate this? Because underneath the underlining of our resentment to him "Yeh what a guy. go be good and eternal elsewhere, we are all stocked up with generosity and love today!" But who did you think God was? A quitter? Who did you think God was- someone who feelings are so sensitive that his believers have to walk on egg shells all the time? Whose turn is it to grow -up? God is unstintingly resolved to ask of us this question: What is free will to man?

Free will permeates our lives. The message is quite simple but it is Man that has to figure it out. It is mankind that limits free will not God. His bountifulness is greeted with human suspicion, because Pandora's box was opened after Eden was out of bounds. The hell we know on Earth and the Paradise we know on Earth are of Man's manufacture and are constructs of Man. Indeed, God 's devotion doesn't impose any constructs of Man politically of economically, for his way is to divest ourselves with all the trappings of human dependency, where materialism and consumerism aren't evil but avail themselves to offer Man free Will to choose the path individually. We have hierarchies and glass ceilings on Earth to show the beauty and truth of God freely offering Free Will hasn't always been enjoyed by all. Or not? You decide for a reason other than by a man made reason.

We are puny, feckless and degenerate. We are truly fickle, and we seek to emulate and be God because we are jealous of him. CCTV cameras,Satalites, drones etc. We want to be omniscient and omnipotent, and then we want to prove the non-existence of God. But here lies the paradox:we can only believe in God when we have had our faith tested and broken. We can't submit to God's will until we have exhausted our own. We try to prove that God exists, and when human Free Will gets in the way we disprove it, and then believe in God because we are brow beaten rather than having faith.

Free Will isn't always kind to those experiencing it. But Free Will's importance is also a matter that God has created and bled for too. The true value of Free Will is also ultimately not materialistic. We humans have to learn its power and its value and its potential as a corruptor.. But not God. he saw the terrible crimes humans would commit to each other, yet in 21st century terms, he let his only son fight in a war that he could have stepped aside from, and then had to decide how to save his son from all the torture and agony that the father could have protected him from. So God horrified at the brutality of man whilst hie only son lay broken and killed. What did God do? Vengeance? No he offered his son's vital organs for transplant to a lout from a south London estate where he dealt in drugs. Now this is a great yarn if it's a yarn, a great metaphor if it is a metaphor, or a great act of extraordinary altruistic love to save someones son or daughter, uncle or aunt, father of wife etc. if the greatest possession you have ever ,you sacrifice then what type of materialism or possession or territory can hold out against such mind-expanding revelation in all of human existence and beyond?

Didn't God create material wealth to also offer choice of dependency with or without it? Here's some real estate:Faith is not tangible.but also eternal. Where Man enjoys the fruits of his labour or not, man is mortal. So you cant enjoy it for ever, but you can have faith for ever. but we need props, dependency, deferring responsibilities, clouding our judgement with distractions and pipe-dreams. yet 'paradox belief' transforms us in ways we cant comprehend. humility is resolved when new cells and old cells are rejuvenated. The human mystery is assessed by Man as 'God's just a diagnostic and not a Prognostic . But who heals your soul, heart ,body and mind when we cant process Free Will? We have natural antiseptic, anti-bodies,etc and we have made huge advances in medicine to rely on great NHS care, but,.....?.Doesn't Man's natural strength come from our energies in Tai Chi ? I'm convinced that that is a new form of self-healing etc, but man's strength comes from the spiritual essence of his relationship with the Earth and the stars and the glory of his insignificance. but jesus said also that our power is the lightest of burdens, the firmest of grip and the magnificence of God giving man Free Will to prove that with all the redistribution of wealth and power, it means nothing if you don't connect with God who has given you Free Will to be an unbeliever or a believer in anything you like.

So Free Will lies precariously by a human thread, but also from the unflinching an unlimited hand of the Father. Goodness me ,and all I can think of is 1970s church guitar music..... I choose freely to not think of guitar music and long-haired bearded unctiousness, because I want to upgrade and ,fleetingly I feel the peace that the father offers me.

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