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Portrait of an annoying meddler.

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

-Listen for a moment, can you detect a change of direction of 'you're now pissing me off'? - Now what was it ? The Jam, Stiff little Fingers, or was it The Stranglers gave you special powers to make extinct nuclear weapons or did you just sprinkle a bit of love redistribution of love to Greenpeace? -So i spent post-punk 'who the fuck were the hippies?' showering, but did I pay for it or what!? -And what did that cost exactly/ Perhaps a months wages, no a years wages, or a special Lady? -Don't ask me about free thinking or the whole world will want a bit of the action. - It matters not, you can't buy free thinking you can only sell it! -And that's why I grow grey beards-because I want to hide from juvenile crack-potted new school crap like you. - Now Mr 'up yourself California' but you can't pay for the ticket but because you want to keep yourself a Viking image! -Hey I don't like having a beard, I just like growing it. -How hard must it be to be an embittered failure and a puppet and be proud of it? -Well honey child your generation really are cluster-fucks full of contradictory demographics who don't even know how to use any individualism if it hit you on the head! -And they said you were a Lady? -I'm sure that 'your Vikingness' knows all about sobriety,So wait till you have another generation on your pour hands.Trust me I wouldn't know. -Well i would ,and she's 4. -How the hell did you have time to sit your GCSE's? -I like the Vikings,but I prefer Mandella. -Next you'll be trimming my eyebrows with all your kindness and sensitivity. One of these days I just won't be able to scrape of all the cliches off your face. -Faces! -There we go, unique to Stephen, all those extra faces! -Look ,here are some more of my faces in those cards I'm selling, directly from the original Paintings. -I can't afford the cards but I want to buy one of your Paintings. -Where are you going to pay for that if you keep asking me to pay for your coffee or whatever that thing is in your half-filled cup. -But don't you want me to have something to hand on to my daughter? -Too cheap! Tough break! Laying low ! Making your move.. -Great! Mr Steve with his Americanese! -There's nothing wrong in a little flexibility with a living language. -Which is why you Paint.Let me see,You wanted to write but you couldn't find your voice.So you found someone elses. -Don't muck about with my sensitivity broken by a life of hard knocks- People needs me Lady Randall Besides meet me half-way Randall, you promised. -There's so much of your cockey rebel in your voice, it really is uncanny!. -Pub talk and the chemistry of alcohol withdrawal. -Cold Shirtee for both of us. --Post pub misanthropy then -So now you'r misanthropic about misanthropy? -Hey keep my mind out of this! -Now how would you put it? There already!' You need a kind mind job. -Well here in Paulo Alto we say: I do a the super mind job, the mind job delux but I'm all out ofthe 'kind mind jobs. -My daughter should meet you.She'll find you quite entertaining until she's 7. Know anything else but borishness and excuses. -it is a pleasure to see your mind at work. all that superiority now that you've conquered inferiority. -Well no ones born with inferiority people just grow it. -Big words like marmalade Randall, and here I thought you were 'no mess, no sress, laconically schooled in the North and nosed ringed in the South -And you sound like Boris but have taken lessons in bringing Pantomime to the US. -You suit a Great Dame -That's coming from the 'great Dane' is it? Mixed with, no, you aren't miss Kamakase you're a tactical weapon. -And you still don't trust me? - What with all that bood you can't seem to wipe off-'Out damn spot.. -I can only offer you my most polished invitation,spending time to reflect on your Yanky doodle dandy; "Go fuck yourself Stephen!" But can i share your website? -Randall, you are not sharing my website and Randall I'm not paying for you to do so, and Randall i'm not paying you to not share my website. -I understand, if stephen can't either sell to the world his Paintings or if he can't feed the world, no one else can! -Perhaps I'll fertilize the third world so they can grow their own crops, but you're storing your bullshit yourself and therefore no wonder you're emotionally constipated.and no wonder the third world can't feed itself. -It's the life we chose stephen. Now cough-up for this pot of cold tea and take you out on Saturday for a treat. You'd like to have a run around and play with the other dogs of more wouldn't you. -I'm not forking-out for this pot of tea. -You snooze you booze. -I'm sure i can do better than Debenhams!.

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