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Salesman techniques are often what ever you want them to be

Salesman techniques are often what ever you want them to be, but don't blame the salesman who has a new pitch.

The Democrats are hanging on to the idea that they can engineer Trumps downfall, but all they are doing is to give trump political collesteral. Their delivery mechanism is so ingenious that no one else would have thought of it: losing the next Presidential election too, and destroy Trump by being politically naive- right , great plan! Now if you don't mind a European perspective and even a global view? Well looking in on planet USA, it's saying

'How did we lose the Cold War to the USA? and 'How did we win the Cold War with the USA? The rest of the world should know better!

Planning Trump isn't the shallow bore that the democrats think; he's smart and he's more than smart, he has set about the Democrats and victoriously claimed he'll subject them to a political colonoscopy. No wonder the Dems are not knowing what hit them, they don't even know where to start. Controversy as apolitical weapon, confrontation as a form of unilateral dissent, aggrovation as a new form of spin,direct political messages that rockets beyond the Dems radar, and rule and policy via twitter that passes straight into the USA's food-chain. He is the establishment slayer by way of firing all his right-hand men who had groomed him to be Mr political libido because he doesn't do loyalty by way of having to be grateful. He doesn't do I.O.U's, he is the political and economic consumer and the producer. But if you play Trump as a cartoon literally or metaphorically then he'll buy-out the 'publisher', sell it to 'Marvel Comics',get exclusive rights to the Hollywood film, and then he'll have a dominant role in all the Hollywood industry! all because people wanted to reduce him to a cartoon! He's played you Dems, and you're playing straight into his hands!

Whereas Obama said "Yes we can!", Trump says "Yes I can!". All trump has ever done isfind a market to rattle his opponents,initiate a pre-emptive action, terrify his foes with his self-indulgence and flaunt his acievements. But he has created a new living political organism which the world seems wary of, but will have a profound influence well after his political tenure is over. In the UK, like the originally American 'Halloween', we will be seeing Trumpism does Westminister in 10 years time.

Yet there will always be a Glastonbury as asanctuary of dissent.Dissent? What do you think Trump is doing? He is the master of dissent by claiming to be the underdog, the victim and the 'moral majority' excluded from power, used to fight Congresses wars, used to feed the 'corruption' that is supposedly endemic in Washington, but are no longer prepared to stomach the status quo any more. But he's the President right ? Not the crucsading victim of oppositional 'no chance of winning' reality.Yet he is Mr Popularist Dissent- when did that curve ball happen? Look, I suggest that Trump's influence will be extend way after Mr immortal Putin and the divine right of the Chinese Politburo are history.

So, who prepares wins as well as policy made on the hoof brings us the wheel of fortune ,the lottery and the whimsical quasi-existential counter-intuitive stuff that is designed to lure every paradox, oxymoron and contradictory inconsistency that moonlights as straight-talking, no nonsense honesty to his key voters. But at last in the UK we can get closure over our own political 'misfit', Tony Blair, whose alias is now Macron ,President of France. Yet Corbyn, Blair's latest spin-off is now a headliner at a music festival in Smerset. how did he get to do that? because " he offers you protection a little bit of political affection,whether you are right or wrong, Corbyn's loving voting teenager's instead." Cool Britannia' has become 'Gatecrasher Glastonbury'.

Trump has not restored the balance in the US he has removed the legal impediments and attracted many to participate in his roller-coaster soap opera where he plays the staring role. reality TV. However, doesn't this actually represent all that American democracy was meant to open up to every American? Direct contact with the electorate rather than any contact with Congress? To some this is the worst thing that democracy could metamorphose into, but didn't Trump always said he'd offer cut-the crap policies by a cut the crap President? Or is your democracy America one of checks and balances? Here is my paradox about Trump:In formula 1 terms, you will be overtaken by a car that can use DRS to overtake you, but he can prevent being overtaken by choking the trailing car by not allowing you 'clean air' to overtake. But how did you get overtaken in the first place then? By bad driving!

Conclusion Trump is so stupifyingly and unnervingly able to dispose of his opponents that the Dems cry foul. But they have played right into his hands by his glorifying in his victimhood as well as his ruthless manipulation of his core vote to believe that he can bare his teeth and stage a coup d'etat to defend America. The original element is that we are never sure if this is pure theatre or not? Find out on twitter!

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