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A Pinch and a Punch doesn't have to bring up the Lunch

A Pinch and a Punch doesn't have to bring up the Lunch, but it can shake things up a bit.

We live in an era of 'cartoon thinking', where drawing a cartoon can get you killed or state managed and imprisoned. But it can also enhance life with a wry look at humanities foibles and take a load off from the seriousness of life.. But we do live in a post-Cold War binary system that either threatens or inspires. These cartoons aren't meant to collide with accepted wisdom or upstage some warlord, but belong to the great tradition of British eccentricity.

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

For me, Salta Fry and Holder Seymour bring out the observations of social and literary colour and contrast whilst not abandoning the satirical needed to keep many of us on the straight and narrow, Indeed, cartoons offer us the coping mechanisms to survive as well as allow us to stand our ground. I know, many will say that cartoonist's must be responsible and I can understand how some can be less about satire and more about personal insult or a personal agenda. But there are those who nevertheless confront by satire and have their human right to express opinion suppressed. State control of any media outlets destroys freedom of expression, yet some of us take for granted how important it is to offer an unpopular dissenting voice to counterbalance the prevailing arguments. I know you've heard it before but satire is a true democratizer . Moreover, satire is often used against some of the most powerful people, even the most powerful man in the world can be wound-up by cliches and stereotypes that reduce his significance to a cartoon by N.Korea. In many ways this exposes the hypocracy of N.Korea, who are more worried about free speech than nuclear apocolypse. Why are they terrified of letting their own people enjoy any such freedoms? Because it would soon unravel their Stalinist state Here is the power of cartoons and satire generally, in short they represent the " come and have a go if you're free enough!" Indeed,never have I felt so strongly that Cartoonist's and Painter's are indeed blood-brothers entrusted with the job of explaining and opening-up ideas that need to be shared by any democracy

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