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The pantry will one day be bare

Why were the great days of the British war-time spirit now relegated to the history books?

Why is my generation suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of post Vatican 2?

Why did my generation not benefit from the 'dividend' of the end of the 'Cold War'?

Why did my generation not understand the British Empire except as 'racism and conquest?

Why has my generation failed voted for Brexit yet against the Iraq war?

Why did my generation customize Thatcher as 'permissively divisive?

Why does my generation not want to be Priests?

Why does my generation hide from pain crushing lyrics by listening to classic FM?

Why is my generation the luckiest alive compared with the generation following us?


In future times, perhaps 50 years time, what we bemoan about as austerity today will a thousand times worse. I pity those generations who will have to deal with nature and nurture in terms of the true impact on fossil fuels running out, soil degradation and resistance to anti-biotics, to name just a few. Climate change is the least of their worries!

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