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Narrative : Rationing is my middle name

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

R- Hardly putting yourself out by mi casa es tu casa SP- Rationing is a complex business R- War time rationing in the 21st century? Don't tell me.. half the country are doing it! SP- It's a new exciting prospect that could make me to help others R- Sometimes even you notice your bullshit Painter SP- Don't knock rationing , it's good for the soul, without you having to go to confession afterwards R- Eggs and bakey x 3 not wakey wakey is it Painter!? SP- It's something I'll have to get used to R- Doesn't that make you sick in the pit of your stomach? SP- Sorry? Was that an aside?...something not meant for my ears ? R- I suppose the Americans haven't thought of it? SP-That's the beauty of it! R- What do you mean? SP- Imagine if it took off in the states? R- First you got to convince the British to fall for mit SP- "It's a retro thing!" for all of November R- So the British legion will resent not being included. What impact would this scheme have on Poppy 'Remembrance Day'? SP- That's where the Americans come in. R-You're going to swindle them both over their most important military rememberence? You're are making Honouring the sacrifice of millions to protect our freedoms that we enjoy today, a way of making some cheap cash? SP- Are you in? Why are you laughing? R- Sorry but I couldn't resist it! My father tried this scheme 40 years ago, and if you try that scummy dirty scheme they'll lock you up and throw away the key! SP- You bloody led me on... R- If you're going to be a scumbag then nothing is off the table! You deserve all you get! SP-What happened to your father when he tried this little shift in emphasis? R- He blamed his right hand man, who died 3 years ago in the nick SP- And you call me a scumbag?! R- Look! that's my family for you. Besides that was business!

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