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Conceptual Fart

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Are we snowed under by the weaponized and globalized Conceptual Art? Capitalism is normally criticized as the tyrant of westernization, but for me, Conceptual Art has embraced Art spun by China and Iran to justify globalizing the trade of conformism in formaldehyde - you see, I can't even spell what iniquitous plundering's FArt art is trying to conceal such as the corrupt lifestyles hideous regimes of 'state run' people who torture for a living. At the very least if Iran chooses conceptual Art they are removing free speech by relegation or by direct brutality; here if you choose Conceptual Art and you choose censorship! All the 14th century of renaissance Art would be called 'degenerate and promiscuous' in such regimes.Their PR machine wheels out women Conceptual artists to launder their extremism by enforcing conformity. Surely we have not learnt a way to suffer fools and dictators gladly in the name of Art? Furthermore doesn't the West contrast its lame and 'sterile' attempts at criticism of the West to contrast with unpalatable regimes? Does that not do unquantifiable damage to all contemporary Artists, rendering them 'other' or flimsy? Is this what we were promised as the victorious side after the Cold War? A way to destabilize, launder Art and close Art by monopolizing not inspiring and then selling-off 19th century originals that sell big-time to keep the delusion of Art being internationally healthy? Get a few Artists to wreck stuff and behave like rock stars throwing the art work out with the television from a high rise hotel and that gimmick or stunt shocks(shakes up and inspires the market) enough for tut tutting at the breakfast table for the 'averages'and everything is all right with the world. When did ' shock punk pissed lecherous post bohemian ...conformists get their way? When did you have to be a wealthy socialist to hitch a lift with greed? When did 21st century Art become a propaganda machine of westernization? When did Art become nationalized? When do we have to say 'deregulate' Art to save creative people from becoming too prosperous and too sedentary? Sorry! But why should Artist's become wealthy?No one owes anybody a living!Why should Artists expect fame? Don't they want a life without favour or debt?Pick-up your easel and expect no special pleading!

'Caged Tigers' maybe bold as brass but they also maybe stuck up ( anew take on stuckism?) their own arse too! Or should I call that zoo!? Let us remember that Painting was rejected in the 80s because of it was considered as spent and exhausted of anything new to say because it had been consumed in by its boundaries of abstraction and representation; yet doesn't conceptual Art have boundaries too that have been exhausted? High tech geeks,shock and abuse and the tasteless,puritanical,etc? The video, assemblages, scavenged, environmental and the 'reality staged' are boring, predictable copy-cat 'murderings' of Art by stealth and hubris of all the corollaries of conceptual Fart! What ever happened to stand your own ground? Where's the dignity and integrity of being just another 'John' who has rented the whore of spinelessness?You could sell 'hubris' as a concept on line to be sold on as a concept that could be sold on as a concept... I like and admire new markets, but Arsenal are not Chelsea are they? Stay in the ring to counter-punch! Conceptual Art has this blind spot, so knock it out or knock some sense into it! Have you got Balls or do you actually do Art 'bollocks'?!Fight with your brush and paint! Don't let 'casino talk' spin the wheel with homogeneity and leave you with a political extreme outlook just to justify non-conformism! Don't let anonymity or unfashionability lead you into losing your true footing! Open up to a world of revelation not restriction! Unplug the production line and open your Artistic war chest of brush,paint and canvas - you have what you need!

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