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This is the era of community not the state

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

This is the era of community not the state, and if we're lucky this upgrade will feed the economy. This change comes from the idea of managing the collapse of communes,collective dictat or the anarchistic ego of whimsy and hostility. We validate the confluence of ideas its democratic heritage and evolution and its flexible pragmatism represented by the moral imperitive of individual will and its magnet of individual participation. Free will is most cherished by Christian teaching of enlightenment in the communion of a community worship. Christ's Covernant is to seek out not just the poor but the self-damaged, or the black sheep of the family who has strayed from the flock. Here the many and the few must defer to the saving of the individual sheep who has wandered off. Here is the shepherd's (Christ) clearest sign of being prepared to sacrifice, in spite of the danger, a sacrifice for individualism and the rejection of the general will. This parable ushers in the priority of preserving the whole community under the flock of a diverse social community, a voluntary Christian version of the wider or bigger society. The 'lost sheep', however, is often marginalized to leave the flock of wolves in sheep's clothing in the first place. Indeed, one wolf pack leader was Caiphus who conspired to blackmail Pontius Pilatte to enforce a political assasination of Jesus and to stop Christianity in utero. He wasn't the first to who feared innocence of Christ (and his lineage from King David) when he put to the sword toddlers in Bethlehem to purge his cowardice. and remove any 'royal' competitor. Personally I'm swayed by the argument that Caiphus didn't just envy and fear Jesus but was so horrified to discover how disarming and visionary was Jesus' preaching that a blind desperation took hold of him and he 'needed' to have Jesus crucified to assuage his own sense of alarm, Overcompensation was buttressed by his legalistic self-fulfilling prophesy fueled by hatred and vindictiveness.

When I hear the words "We live in a world of idolatry, heresy and degenerate doubt, hapless victims or victors of power", I'm immediately wary. But isn't the case that we dismiss, we doubt, and we live and we rob ourselves into old age? I don't need to remind myself of the enormous problems that the world faces to do with the detrimental impact of man and the continuation of the terrible things man does to mankind? Secularism has been replaced by immediate gratification and constant self-harm we do to our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. We also live in an era of aggressive economic 'creationism', an over-simplification for power and division that has been misappropriated as an excuse for Islamic extremism. Consumerism of politics and sectarianism takes us further away from Christ's message of offering the other cheek of peace, but that has in itself been manipulated by extremists as 'open season for terrorism' and even seen as a permissive weakness of Christendom. Hate really does find a place in men's hearts when dogma seems far more hard-lined and butch and macho for venal purposes. But humans have always looked for an advantage or perceived unprotected flank that can be exploited. In our Malthusian world where we have recognised that Communism is prohibitively expensive a drain on economies offended by reaping rewards of consistent revenue by simple profit. This seems to degenerate into further economic exhaustion by over taxing national resources or blind adherence to economics of state subsidy - when simple economics exposes the host ideology it leads to internal and external conflict. But we have also witnessed in the cold light of day that the consumerist, suburban digitalized world has, for the first time, left our children worse off than previous generations. We are so tormented and powerless by Today's population explosion (aren't we close to 7 billion a global population?) that we often see it as' immigration 'of massive displacement of people bombed out of their homes, communities and homelands with no where to go but in our back yard. Paradoxically it is easier to turn to and away from the Christian message. It seems to us that we have been force-fed a natural 'de-selection of ever decreasing choices', and we feel sorry for ourselves! Without sounding too preachy, didn't Jesus deal with the loaves and the fishes problem of scarcity? Do we have to wait for that miracle to allay our fears of going without, or did Jesus say 'get-up and use your talents to their best and you shall have and share plenty? Doesn't he say time and time again that the issue of poverty is nothing compared with the issue of spiritual secular self-indulgence? How did he want us to love our neighbour as our selves? Didn't he turn water into wine, bread into his body and wine into his blood? Isn't that communion a community where share and share alike makes sense? Did he vanquish need? No. Did he selectively de-humanize the individual like Caiphus did to him? Didn't he want us to learn from the mistakes and tragedy of Caiphus? Didn't he want us to learn from Stain's mass de-humanization of millions? Yes! De-individualizing is never and will never be on Christ's agenda. Doesn't Saint Peter reflect our human individual failings as he conquered his shunning Jesus 3 times before he was able to spread the mission of the Christian Church? Isn't it at the very bones of the Church that we learn from St Peter that the individual potential surfaces even if we take the wrong path from salvation? Doesn't this inclusive but individual way of reaching paradise give us all hope even if we will shortly number 7 billion? Why choose St Peter as a 'confirmation name'? Because he is the embodiment of humanity as a flawed even shunned black sheep, imperfect, quick tempered even ignorant yet the 'rock' of the Christian Church? Aren't we all "not worthy but only say the word and we will be healed"? Christ offers us the peace of Christ and the piece of Christ to feed our and the human mission to seek salvation and to embrace the true meaning of life? Why should we choose to ignore that message? You decide!

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