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Half-full or half-empty? Myth or myth conception?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Reverse or perverse psychology? Clever accountancy or invasive projection? Pseudo social science or cynical spin? Political poaching or fine tuned policy? Counter-intuitive reflex or cherished belief? Modern/postmodern ,new modern, ex-modern politics by jargon? Deconstruction or old habits? Innie or outie structuralism? Short term or long play? Public policy or the non-popularistic? Paternalistic conspiracy or maternalistic pay-back?.....Ok, too much bullshit can hide any new nuance and any nuance can hide too much bullshit!.....Stop! Just stop!

Why would we want to rework or juxtapose or 'code change' or cause fractures by fatigue of political orthodoxy? Perhaps there is something else? Bump-start the machine and we reset our objectives and up-root the status quo without doing any damage. New skill sets, new markets buy a new direction and a new narrative without weaponizing the system.This is not 'fledgling condescension' this is using the bit between the teeth to bite hard and fast to open a new series of opportunities. Here's the serendipity of it! Most psychologist's train people by blindsiding them to re-establish a closed way of thinking, to redesign a grid to go off the grid. Why not? Why persist in the ideological fixations of yesterday when there is so much more? Break-up the traditional alliances and the predictability of life's 'against the grainers', leave others to draw fake lines in the sand. Swap yesterday's tired assumptions for today's adrenaline.

Any departure is either filled with concrete or potential no doubt full of re-launches or reinventions all controlled by the cloak of self-censorship. Change may well bring ideological betrayal but moral purpose. Using only 75% of capacity can leave the 25% as deadwood. Embrace the 25% deadwood and advance potential. I think that social class in this country is not being developed into a leaner more demanding multi-layered community with a classless political agenda, low tax, best NHS in the world narrative, regardless of your social origin. Why isn't social class an incentiviser and not a ball and chain? Let the intrigued and the curious abandon their political task masters and find a truth hidden in conformity that preceded them? Halt the self-censorship and recognize that you have a duty to explore beyond your comfort zone. Be the starting pistol and the bullet, back the tangling with complex equations and form your footprint that others can follow. Don't settle on peer group falsehoods and own your own. When you catch a wave it catches you, and there's no fighting it until you can jump-off the board safely, otherwise you will drown! Make your subtlety and 'nuancing ' of your work pay. Bump starts are provocative but happy landings aren't.

The issue remain: Truths and principles have been suppressed by both sides of the establishment ready to sacrifice philosophical intruders for a bit of Rand R. Drop the act of pretense and value your affiliations and memberships except when there is a moral duty to represent and not stand in judgement. Eventually you will be offered a choice of climb down or answer the universal free-spirited inevitable burn-out. Are you prepared for self-sacrifice? Even if the answers to your new equation serves the purposes of your class allegiances, your colour coded political spectrum? You may feel that I'm making rebelliousness a pose to romanticize a heroic agenda - I'm not! You may be just apart of a chain of idea makers who ultimately find the answer to the formula or equation that you may individually may not be able to answer. Are you prepared to reason with the outcasts and even become one of them? There maybe no falling in line or joining the herd, there may be no way back. Are you prepared to betray your past and place in society to be true to your own thinking?

That is as far as I go here. I cannot widen the process,I cannot liberalize the argument. I rely upon precedent and not status quo breaking! Sorry! But I can't, I don't have what it takes to do this. You , however are left on your own and right inside a fake bubble that you can burst. For you there are no passengers left, right? There's only 'deadwood' that you will put to good use. All the rest of us are hot air, all rancid steam from political muck, and just superfluous. But you are the political fertilizer to grow a new generation of seeds to produce new crops. I have faith in that future free from determinism, I' m just not the bloke to bring it on!

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