Vicars, Priests and Rabbi's

S- Vicars,Priests and Rabbi's? All of them run by the bookies? R- Some are punters too S- Let's be clear! Most Vicars Priests and Rabbi's are paid trained actors? R- Less so these days because they are actually increasing their numbers and not suffering from a shortage S- And next controversial thing in your tiny little unscrupulous mind? R- Moses was a rugby player S- Well at least he wasn't a trapeze artist! And St Peter? R- No! St Peter was 'what it said on the tin'! He was legit! S- How about Claudia Cardinale? R- She wanted to be a priest but didn't fit in with her fellow profession, so she left and became a distinguished psychologist S- I can't out lie a pro liar can I? R- In medieval times Churches,Temples, synagogues and Cathedrals were all run by local football teams S- How much have you drunk and where can I get me some? R- I almost had you! Jumble you all up like that! But I bet you can't decide how much of that was a lie? S- Call my bluff? R- We are back to Shroedinger's Cat? S- No! I'm not going to spell that for you! R-................................................I'm not the only one who can't read and can't spell? S- 'I can't read' says Lawrence Weatherall ! R- Sport or no sport that is the question? S- Wheather it is nobler in the mind to suffer.. you're teasing me! S- Smirk if you like! Fast track for all sports people.. R- 'Sports people'? What are doing now? PC versus SP? S- That's not a fight I'd like to see. R- Social gravy , my friend social gravy. S-Don't you mean social gravity? R- Everything must come down in the world? S- Sounds like 'self harm society'! R- Classes are like the best marriages, they are doomed to rows and spoiler alerts! S- Train as an actor and don't go into the Priesthood! R- No, I can do better than that! Bounce yourself out of your comfort zone by getting the whole Left thing, warts(or conspiracies alone) and all resentments and envies you can muster, and then think that that's all just a confidence trick, if you want to get the true life experience! S- That is self-harm! R- Or dopamine is the drug that gets you into a false happiness through natural self production! S- Someones been too active in the chemistry lab as a teenager! R- I can do better! What if your partner had all your vital organs removed when you're asleep? S- Do you trust anyone or anything Randall? R- Respectable paranoia! It's on the NHS! S- 'Rubbish! And yet slightly unsettling Holmes!' R- The inconvenient truth is that you do not know what I know! S- I know, you're the colonel of eternal truths when you drink that brand of vodka! R- Vodka is an Irish drink made in Vladivostok! S- I'm calling Dimitri over Randall.. R- I'm sorry! Maybe I'm a little short today your vomiting has just illustrated R- Don't take me home! S- How many safe houses would I know about Randall? Hey! Be gentle Dimitri! R- I'm only ms nemesis when I haven't drunk enough! S- Drink until you throw-up all your intestines too? R- Number K Dimitri ! S- Sergai will drive me there later ok? R- It's a bit like one of your paintings Stephen S- And I thought you were a Lady of taste R- Don't talk to me about taste right now Painter! S- I can see you like bright colours R- See you at special K S- Not until you've got over your monster! R- Monster? Oh, even when I'm at death's door you banter me about monster hang-overs! S- This morning I am your govner! R- Black, 5 sugars and I'll be ready for anything! S- Even Tracey Emin is not ready to do the day with only 5 sugars in her coffee! R- Tracey Emin is a victim of copy catism! S- Copy Catism is a victim of Tracey Emin ! R- Fancy that! S- Ok Dimitri? Now remember, she's had a bout of food poisoning! Look at me 'D', watch my lips: She's had about of food poisoning!...No they hardly talk about stuff like that..they like to spy on each other but not tell each other what they know about each other! S- I know! She's and she's are frommage some times!..No' I'm not saying Russian people are cheesy! Randall is just performing her act tonight! ..See you at K !

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