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Shirley Valentine beats Don Jose hands down!

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

"Hey wall! The idea of success has eluded me but the woman I most admire is a school friend turned into a hooker! Poor woman! Life isn't what I'd dreamed it could be!" Perhaps Shirley needs a change not just a makeover when can she escape or extract herself from the playing-out of her life before her? Such tedium, such gradual spiritual, economic and political repetition leads only in one direction - she'll lose her self-esteem, she'll let someone else take charge of her life and she'll be exploited by all her family. Such blurring of her identity behind the sink/kitchen/tele/ " ah wall?

So this is our never ending predictable inane boring life dwindling our mojo way when we could be in charge of our way, our destiny to prove EU and me wrong! Some of us are washed-up and living in some mechanical machine, clocking-off and on without noticing the difference! We can not be redeemed, but why should we stand in the way of others who can?

" Hey ! Don't men talk shit!" But i need the sun on my back and the breath of fresh air in my lungs, and if I have to be determined just to make those changes ? Well it will be worth it!

Bernard Hill and all the film crew would love this Greek idyll without any strings attached! I'm not just doing it for me alone then? Then that's who I'm doing it for too! As for free migration and free movement? I just want to work to live not to live to work! I'll get by, and it won't costas so much? I'd prefer to enjoy the sand and clear aquamarine sea where it is as clear as day , even when you're far away from the shore. And all my friends, not to mention the neighbours, are cheering me on and happy that I don't have to make bacon and eggs for Bernard and talk to the wall again! Even her actor friends are giving her an award. She wasn't going to get side-tracked by the weekender in Brussels, no,she's Shirley Valentine again! And yes costas did kiss her stretch marks!

Britain isn't ignoring the hard drive of economics we're just plugging in to our own memory stick! Thanks you EU for showing us what we wanted to do but didn't have enough clear blue water to sea for ourselves. We're not into any cyberdine systems, there is no deep but terrible conspiracy going on here. We're just writing our own programme's, using new apps and downloading heaps, we're just up dating our Facebook status and trying to grow as individuals coming together. We're not Britain wants a new 'cosa nostra' to run black markets, we're just chancing our arm and launching our own line in catching big or small fish for supper. But if we have to lose a chain like Woolworth's to make Oxford street more competitive? Then hell yes! Let's all take the plunge in clear seas without hitting rock bottom! At least we'll be able to see where we are going, and it is now too late to turn back. Pluck up the courage Britain, we are all proud of you!

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