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Oz, you like it

S- No! That's going to insult Randall!

Oz- It's bloody meant to mate! It's Oz tendatious!

S- Big-up the stereotypes?

Oz- No drama's!

S- 'What's a man if he ain't an ozzie?'

Oz- Sip-shape and fancy free!

S- And there it is Ladies and gentlemen,the English language eaten alive!

Oz- You little ripper!

S- Could be worse? 'You little beauty!'

Oz- Drive you lot back into the sea and let you lot swim home!

S- At least English will be spoken proper!

Oz- That ship has already sailed, I mean literally! We 'Convict OZ' built the ships to send you back where you came from!

S- Much obliged!

OZ- You pommes are all that's left of 'Ye olde! Everybody else has nicked your language and made it their own! Now who said stealing is a crime punishable by the English? Who's feeling a right Charlie now mate?

S- We have an honourable trade in global communication!

Oz- Trade all you like mate!

S- What goes out must come back in

Oz- Linguistic migration?

S- I suppose we're trading in English because much of the world has'evolved' beyond our small overcrowded island!

Oz- Oz English versus Hispanic English that's a fight I'd like to see!

S- So would Trump! he knows that linguistic migration can undo a superpower!

Oz- How about the foreign language of Gallipoli mate? The British Empire spoke a language that the Anzacs will never understand!

S- My grandfather's regiment were in Gallipoli dying like flies too

Oz- Am I right that Regiments are your life and your mates forever?

S-...The South Wales Borderers..

Oz -You weren't bloody joking were you!

S- No one is joking here!

Oz- Hitler underestimated how traumatized it left Churchill, and I suppose that Churchill was a better bloke and a leader thank Christ!

S- Did the British Empire ever truly recover?

Oz- The British Empire never recovered from the British Empire!

S- Here's a modern dilemna for Oz: Is Oz more inclined to respect aboriginal Oz history because of the monopoly of Celts and anglo-saxons is a dwindling influence?

Oz- i don't know about the minutiae of political happenings

S- Isn't Oz becoming more Asian these days? Just look at your cricketers! Hardly an advert for multi-ethnic Oz is it?

Oz You're not exactly Mr Anglo-Saxon yourself mate?

S- My Celtic red hair, my dark brown,black eyes and I go brown in the sun?

Oz- Stevo, I can guarantee Oz rustling-up some skin cancer in Oz within a week!

S- Again, I'm much obliged!

Oz- You're all out of the English stuff mate!

S- Let me just take -in your offer

Oz- In Oz you can be any one! How about the 'mighty stig' or 'Strictly come prancing'?

S- You realise that all this is possible because Oz today used Britain yesterday? Piggy-back , high-jacking all off the back of a ecolorry?

Oz- Britain can't even rule a paddling pool of the 'English Channel' these days!

S- English is a psychological continent that only speaks when it deigns to speak to others..

Oz I can see a wind-up from a pomme light years away !

S- Crickey oh riley!

Oz-You buggers spread yourself too thinly that's all! And why not exchange Dickens for the great Oz outdoors?

S- Now that is very New South Wales from you, but my grandpa still preferred New Zealand!

Oz- All they've got are sheep and dodgy rugger referees!

S- So what will you do if Prince George marries a young ozzie beauty to become King and Queen of New South Wales?

Oz- I think we'll need a lawyer mate!

S- And a Kiwi Judge?

Oz- Not on your Ned Kelly if you watch the tele! Soon the video ref will sort those Kiwi blokes out!

S- Ashes to ashes...dust to dust..youe Oz will be rust!

Oz- Skip the 'Pip' shit mate! Throw your lugs under ozzie rules!

S- What do you mean Oz?

Oz- Now I'm in charge, I'm in charge! If we're not talking about Rukles then we have only one rule in Oz - Make pommes frites on the barbie!

S- you can't even hold your catches,let alone your drink!

Oz- Now listen mate.. I get your sense of humour like a dingo eats pizza!...but I'm trying to be a nice sport!.. but if it is all the same to you, if the Oz heat doesn't get yer, our quicks will!...or at least we'll slow you down by the shit fosters beer that any self-regarding ozzie won't touch with a barge pole!

S- I thought you blokes did a bit of spin these days?

Oz- Fosters will spin you right round till you puke!

S- It's called alcohol Oz?!

Oz- Fosters is one way traffic -we don't want it back!

S- It baffles me too!

Oz- Between you and me there is too much baffling and too much waffling about the bloody Ashes! Wot it is is War!

S- No irony Oz?

Oz- We have the sun instead of irony mate!

S- Will you ozzie crickets be using French against us, just so Mr sledge gets stuck-in?

Oz- I don't mind if we do!

S- Not English then? A foreign language?

Oz- I just don't like the English! Besides, we blokes don't speak french, the french speak Oz!

S- loud speakers Oz?

Oz- We are the crowd speakers mate!

S- could we have Tuffers back?

Oz- He's under contract.

S- How long is his contract?

Oz Till the year 2099, then you can have him back!

S- Plenty of imports, but not keen on exports?

Oz- You haven't been to Earls Court recently have yer mate?

S- Bonza!

Oz- Pistols at dawn? 'BONZA from a pomme?! What is the Oz coming to? What you need is a bit of Shane Warne!

S- He's retired Oz?!

Oz- Once your in the Regiment, you never leave! Ask your grandpa!'

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