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You're up!

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

S- You're up! R- I've never acted in my life! Well apart from giving birth...that was such a let down, little drama's became 'where is the drama ?.'. S- Which is why we're trying to resolve this trauma for going to an audition. R- You just want some dosh ! S- Best to start at the deep end. It's all about the absence of timing if you are an extra....actually that goes for even Hollywood. Ok, just be your self and they'll hate you! R- Who is this Randall character anyway..? S- Bullshit! There's just these.... flimsy notes in the script..that mean R- Absolutely Randall ! S-There's no stress without gain,no one foolish enough to remain sane! Come-on Randall, just play your Randall thing?! R- Typical! And what will you do? S- Support the leading actress! R- have you ever supported anyone Painter? S- Apart from Chelsea... R- Betrayal! Every should have someone to drain them of energy,destroy their career... S- I understand that marriage is like crucifixion and Judas rolled into one R- And those are the ones that work!?! S- You've forgotten to be compulsive obsessive again! R- Don't underestimate my ability to be ambivalent... voila, the rent is paid! R- What ever happened to the laughing Cavalier musketeer thing Stevie weavie? S- I force myself to financially defend myself! R- Mamma likes mumbo...papa likes... S-....................................................I've seen the advert and I've got the Skirt! R-And all that pent-up thinking and wisdom and it has come down to this! S-I could have told you way back that I need a wing-woman and not a tick every box that is known to man to land the 'catch of my day'. R- Can we just stop the gender crap! Of all people I'd have thought you would be different.. S- OK soldier, let's keep the cliches to a minimum R- But it was so tempting!! S- I'll try to forget what I can't accept! R- I'll file that in the Reptile fund S- Tinker, tailor..gangster prankster, if it's all the same to you it's all the same to me!? R-Time to leave behind the fun and enjoy being an extra victim of a pun S- I'm getting the looks from her over there! R- Does everything have to be about you? S- Shouldn't we leave that to improvisation? R- Well? She's looking at me kid! S- We'll always have marriage? R- Married to our vocation S- Without the marriage of a vocation R- Be nice Painter1 S-...Why?.......

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