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What is radicalism?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

What is radicalism today? In the 20th century political extremism festering in disappointment overcome by self-righteous moralizing over life that didn't meet delusions of grandeur and was actually a fickle, brutal as well as hopelessly Quixotic fluffing of lines, rampaged. But in the 21st century, I celebrate a radicalism of imagination beyond the wrapper and rapper of suit, office, concrete and glass. 'Old-tie' brigade have moved on. Today, people need a sublimation of aggression, tragedy and betrayal and all the cycles of 200 mph to make our world fit. But such change is not fixed or' in step' an originality; society needs a 'Westworld' to 'untighten' the whole spectrum of colour, experience and an emotional catharsis where secularism is for many the new prophet of the 'stage'. Religion today is also buzzing ! Why not? We perform our roles adequately, but we need to break through the self-inflicted barriers that devalue us as individuals. We need to displace all the envy and rejection, the unrequited love and joy , and yet we can only muster a 3 week break in early May to do this? Are we just waiting for our coffins ?

How do we recalibrate our lives from getting off the plane at 23 and nursing our great grandchildren 60 years later? Have we missed the opening of Pandora's box completely? What happened to our heroism and liberation ? Shouldn't we embrace making mistakes??Shouldn't we be in a zeitgeist of pigment and extravagant colour that exposes and renders all possibility? Are we quite respectable in the 'burbs' of convenience? Stop being colour blind, and open the full colour spectrum for good or not!! How could we let life be adorned with 'live a little'?Living a little isn't living enough ! In Britain we need the pub to retreat to, but should we have to rely on the blast of it to take us into new directions? Life is not a blast unless we take ownership of the blaster ! I know what Churchill would have said today about us, and it would not be flattering ! Put life and the headlights fully on and don't be caught stationary like a rabbit frozen to the spot ! It is my belief that those in power have the greatest draw to either sparkle or fizzle-out, and at times I want there to be people who go of the rails, do the wrong thing and yet break-out of the confines that surely engulf them. Love the bitter-sweet, sweat after the sunset, be permissively opulent or dangerously frugal.......... The true frontier spirit rejects the prescibed and revels in the eccentric. I'm not that short of being 60, and I'd want to make those days before and after count as the most rewarding and explosive that I possibly can make them! Why not? Ditch the Gucci bags or buy everything in the shop all over the shop!!!

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