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The contemporary disassociation and isolation of Art

Painting as an identity to solve the contemporary disassociation and isolation of Art and in Life a collaborative experience to share and not demote subjectivity.

I cannot understand why a coherent cultural and Art policy in a 21st century of globalization and a digital technical revolution would be monopolizing Art by idea Art, instillation Art, and tech Art at the neglect of firstly the medium of Painting, and secondly a 21st century modernism that is synonymous especially to visual 2D Art by Paint? Why explore blind a landscape without guidance?

Do we have to desire or expect a concurrent non mutually exclusive (or indeed the opposite) global oligarchy (economically, militarily etc) to dictate a reactionary ideological and theoretical move to the right on the political spectrum just to promote, sponsor, delegate recognition, Art top table esteem, and new frontiers for qualificatory legitimacy for the medium of Painting to be restored centrally rather than self-regulate without Art college monopoly!

Why do Art Historians, intellectuals, academics and the Art elite still just associate modernism and Painting with the early to mid-20th century and also the mutual antagonistic Art brutalism of the final days of the Cold War? Why are Painters today fighting these two eras of collision and combat by Art confrontation? Surely these duels are over, or are we suppressing Painting once again? So why are we Painters still identified and identifiable with the conflict agenda but also, in contrast to 20th century modernism today's contemporary Painters are no longer infused with revolutionary pro Soviet or pro Fascist Mussolini's Futurism, the 1930's where Art was weaponised to incite ideological polarisation? Art is political but we can all moderate its fervour!

Surely Paintings can be public and perhaps in an over developed era of mutual interconnected over dependence, a progressive retreat, a sanctuary of inclusivity that can be restorative and non-censored, non-intrusive individualism?

Paint can be spread as non-toxic, non -verbal a voice to portray landscape and not the detritus of post-industrialisation and the implosive and quatorizing nature of a dying imperial disrepair, decay. where mother countries were abandoned to form the new superpowers of the 21st century (essentially BRICS) that dwarf their colonial westerners! How to restore balance to largely European ex-imperial powers and their economies has always been about managing their retreating influence but has never been put to the full test of modernist Painter today! But entrenched stand-off by Cold War division is still not our visual Painterly agendas but has been hijacked by the Europe overcompensating in a disproportionate over reaction from the vastly differing standards and variables of Democracy and Capitalism that was meant to draw all of Europe together and not disrupt mutual tolerance that was won at some cost! Indeed, this European 'nasty after taste' has left the region overstretched and over sensitive, polluted by self-aggrandisement and illegal invasion, and represent again at S cost, that the Soviet non-Capitalist epoch is over even if by landgrab and ethnic cleansing and in plain sight violation of individual and collective human rights!

But who will inherit this legacy? Art colleges are no longer the DNA of the radical non-conformist agenda but high-tech cultural evangelists instead! Radicals find jobs to work against the Art status quo, graduates find vocations to self-invest! Who is the smarter cookie? Painting isn't even on Art College's why be a Painter? Because teachers tell you to make a career and not do the hard yards of being a Painter! But surely where balance is both by tech and non-tech, light and dark etc. Where Painting is the epitome of low-tech Art but open for collaboration and corroboration out and inside the shared gallery experience. This human unique eye shares the individualism of both the Artist and the viewer's subjectivity as well as conflicting with it but always admits the imperfection of the very cluttered and wayward nature of 'shared subjectivity' of the human act of Painting: the imperfect finger print on the brush, paint, to surface is grounded earthed and centred, a human act that functions by grinding up the varieties of dirt under our human footprint that have evolved beyond our solar system, and that emerged as far back as the Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago!! So low tech Art like Painting is actually cosmic of origin and yet at our fingertips? Painting is indeed the measure of how far we connect the pieces of Art and Science.

Our modernism is a Surrealism of today! How? Why? Because of our shared history with ancient man who emerged from Cave Art to lose the Painting medium by....... 21st century human snobbery, that can no longer be twisted into a form' issue (which was used to undermine in the West the Soviet Bloc in the Cold War)!


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