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Tired, Angry and Fed-Up of Brexit?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Brexit. Whether jilted Jacob, jaunty Johnson, jinxed Jeremy or trusted Theresa, Isn't this process stale!!!??? I suppose we thought we'd signed a pre-nup, but actually it was a full-blown acrimonious divorce.

Let's address some of the cliches and some of the disingenuous stuff first. :

1. Simple Simon says it will be easy-peasy lemon squeezy !

2. You're all little Englander's practicing the witch craft of racism

3.Immediate economic breakdown?

4. Everyone's a winner! Read all about billions being saved every second

5. Brexit will kill the NHS

6.Peter Pan thinking won't bring back the British Empire

7. Peter Pan will not lead the ideal of the EU into paradise.

And here are some of the misconceptions :

1. Remainer's are in danger of mistaking the concept of multi-ethnic multi-culturalism with the issue of immigration. Multi-racial Britain exists already,and EU immigration to the UK is almost exclusively from White Europe. Therefore the immigration issue in Brexit is not about white on black or brown Brits but about existing communities working together who have totally committed themselves to Britain for generations. In practical terms all British taxpayers will pat tax for 30/40 years before they retire; it's the 2/3/4 year visitors who take home their income ,spend it in Europe and not in the British economy who use the NHS and then leave legitimate British ethnic minorities to take the blame for the EU internal migration mobility system !! Stop jumping on bandwagons and then let or collude tacitly to the scapegoating of proud Britons just because of the colour of their skin.

2.We must distinguish the metropolitan versus the 'escape to the country' brigade question that is quite separate from leaving the EU.One is a stuck the other leaving.

3. Are their two Britain's not split Britain? Urban communities and rural communities?

4.Have we Brits confused social class hierarchy and placed it on top of ethnic hierarchy?

5. How many inner-city communities, living under the same social and economic and environmental conditions derive their own preconceived cultural take on Brexit that ultimately dictates how they feel about each other?

6.What does Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland respond to from their ethnic minorities ?

7. When does Brexit make its mark? When Scotland demands to leave the UK?

8. If that is the case is England going to be left overwhelmingly pro Brexit?

9. Put aside why Britain voted for Brexit, and ask what type of EU do we want and how likely would we get it?

10. Who is responsible for the aggravation before the referendum, during the referendum and after the referendum? Have we even answered that first?

11.Why are Remainer's draping themselves in the EU flag but resentful of those draping themselves in the Union Jack?

12.Have we become too entrenched in all our views on the issue to believe our own propaganda?

13. Has there ever been a Prime Minister so under-siege from every corner of the UK who has been so valiant and robust in the line of fire from everyone? Doesn't she deserve all our admiration and respect for being so strong and not yielding to dictat from all of us and from the EU?

14.Has Parliament ever been so compromised?

15 Did the EU also note envisage this titannic wrestle for an outcome we Brits can all sign-up to?

16. Finally, has PM May or the opposition leader Corbyn come out of this marathon with more dignity and integrity? Should the result of that inform our views on Brexit?

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