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Does Farage think he's the next wiki leaker?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Does Farage think he's the next wiki leaker? No more Wiki sheets we're British! Mr loose canon of Farage is Mr Massage that wanted stalemate at Westminster because he wanted to 'leave the EU from inside the EU'


"Britain's 2 party system isn't fit for purpose"? Haven't we heard of this stuff before? "Break the mold of British politics? Beginning of British coalition politics a la Germany would be the result of importing Germany's political system by breaking-up 2 party politics in the UK. Why would we want to leave the EU just to import someone elses political system? Doesn't coalition then mean 'The greens' get the green light? When did 'tax and spend get trendy in Brexit party HQ? When Labour is 'finished doing its class act will the jolly green giant become the Bruce Banner of a very high protein diet? When did Corbyn become carbon? Ask the Remainers When did the sick-man of Europe' return to our streets via the 'Brakes it party?!' When did we slam on the brakes and claim we're putting our foot down? When did class politics become a post-British phenomenon by the diverse elements of the Brexit party? Thatcherism too much for your more sensitive side? Poor old Bill Shankly, Mr steel Briton became Mr and Mrs 'we've set-up a cake-store' in Dorset, 'but we're angry about all Johny foreigners not just some of them!' Deluded ethnic division by ex-egalitarian we've paid our dues! 'Breaks shit party sounds ready to pull the plug on us all. Ludditism by undermining the status quo!? And we thought Macron had problems with his Luddites?!! But there will always be an England for the regeneration of class based politics 'generational based politics!' Will Carnage Farage have more influence in Europe than in the UK? Right idea, wrong country? Does he want to collude and join others left in the EU to be'sending themselves home too'? Politics of the reverse gear? Personally I'm not one for turning. Did UKIP provide the 'plausable deniability' of 'now they really are nutters'option to maximize the Brexit party vote? Was there any collusion, at any stage? Booze cruise fueled the 'I had nothing to do with them officer!' excuse? When did 'Quelle domage de la Fromage sideline difficult issues? Why start a 'political arms race' ? Was it just to end -up with automatic 'crash-out of Europe at all costs? Before PM Thersea May came to be PM or before? Doesn't he know anyone who has been divorced? Doesn't he know that divorce is always messy? Has the UK been unfaithful to the EU? Or vice versa? No, so why claim the EU has been caught with its trousers down whilst the May government has been accused of not having a pre-nup agreement?!! How far will the Brexit party not confront the EU when meeting with British negotiators onwards? The Brexit party aren't there to change things, they are their to bitch from the sidelines!! How long has there been an unwritten policy of the 'blame game' in Farages lot? Where is the accountability, or transparency instead of rhetoric? Doesn't anyone remember Ross Peroux? Is the Brexit party truly representational? Not over-subscibed by... Is the Brexit party the only way to get on in life/ Has Barage farage told you about the trade blockades, tariffs,frozen markets? Either we are encouraging continental Europe to get pissed-off with us or we are going to be encouraged to go on Wild cat strikes, go slows withdrawal of labour to 'defend the Brexit? Che Guevara etc would have ruled by dictat under the auspices of popular rule? Do you think Farage is not tempered or made responsible by his own party. Why have Brexit when Farage is too dominant in 'his' party? Is he the only red-meat consumer in British Brexit or are their any abroad? But is he just a showman/ Corby is no longer Glastonbury material, but Farage is the quintessential beer and fag man. Is he injecting a new political drama or theatre in Britain? Is that wise? Winning elections seems to be Brexit party's trick or stunt. He believes he can conquer history of the 2 party British system,that has been coped all over the world. Is he an egotist who has too much influence in the wrong era' /

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