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25 Points to Register

To distinguish between the concepts of a theoretical political thinker and an experimental political thinker: the former as a designer and a philosopher to invent and posit for the latter to scrutinize and make practical the 'idea' conceived of by the above. How does this affect outcome? Well, imagine Marx as a philosopher, and then imagine a politician at Westminster trying to include or exclude Marx's hypothesis at the dispatch box! Almost impossible to connect the dots, no? It doesn't mean that the experimental thinker has to agree or disagree, it is only a matter of whether it is plausible, realistic and not dangerously divisive.

In a Post Cold War era class struggle has given way to Nationalism, identity, and territorial expansionism.

Socialism in the Soviet Union seems to have been not just a naïve idealistic aspiration, but it provoked an over development of Corporate Capitalism in the West.

Who was, who is, the 'Proletariet? Did they ultimately resist Marxist-Leninism and not Capitalism?

Paralysis of national and international tramlines that defined the international economy meant not just that ' Communism' could not deadhead it by laser focus on one single brick to bring the Capitalist system down, but globalisation and determined interconnected and interwoven network to achieve the above rendered the global economy impossible to enfranchise national economic sovereignty - Brexit was Britain's attempt to steer the British economy around and make it independent from the EU and the global symbiosis, but is struggling to meet its clear objectives without a growing economy, and perhaps even when the British economy is better positioned?

Emergence of a counter Western domination organisation called "BRICS'( Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) as a rival and a competitor in post-Cold War multi -oligarchic globalism.

India and China are leading the way as fastest growing economies, with huge populations gene pools and work forces that are ancient cultures, subjected to Western European Imperialism and renewed by being once again a tiger economy totally out-stripping all on a global stage. Only another ex-colonised USA (by the British too ) is there to balance all by sharing its similar experiences of its emergence from imperialism and the issues of being too dynamic by meteoric over heating with its new global players like India and China.

This new world order of multi-Oligarchic macroeconomics have all shared the same experience of being pioneers in new technologies in which they are global leaders, but have a population that is still largely following the arable traditions across a vast countryside that remains under developed without amenities and infrastructure for fast tracking their national economic advantages in the 21st century.

Counter colonisation, reverse imperialism. Some of the BRICS communities that have made their home in the West, ' sending money home', are now receiving money as communities from 'the ethnic motherland' that are reversing and redressing their status as members of BRICS, and as superpowers in their own right, on a national and international level, with the augmentation of connections and with an unrivalled finger in every pie.

Note the difference between a USA that hegemonically and culturally imperialised without mass colonisation and the new refined 21st century model.

But are their more non-Western traditionalists settled in Western Europe that fled the BRICS countries because they were too modern in the first place? Isn't that how the USA was originally formed? Religious Non conformism?... and how did America turn-out? America hardly flunked did it!?

The new zeitgeist is about self-identity and self-transformation- sometimes literally! But imagine if the new superpowers were augmented by a rich vein of individualism and successful individual and collective cultural natural reflex, a national asset? What if individual diversity meant absolute idiosyncratic contribution, valued as original self-promotion, indicating economic health measured by self-invention?

Isn't this a fusion of both the theoretical and the experimental political thinking? The aspirationally free? True laissez-faire?

Social-economic and political crop rotation'. This ' reforestation' and 'new plantation' by rotating green spaces that are carbon free isn't just an agricultural lesson in arable management, but a global reconnect without CCTV on your back! Why? Because it promotes and prepares for pendulumlike change and relies on over-view. Civil servants prepare for a new government all the time, why don't we get used to crop rotation' under our noses.

How much Celtic influence is there in the UK today? Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and EIRE probably have so many generations and such a diaspora that losing a Celtic surname 5 or10or 20 generations ago dispersed throughout the British Empire or someone else’s etc that may prove surprising.

‘America First' may be a reaction to interdependency globally with the perceived decreasing exclusive hegemony of the USA over the global economy. Perhaps Immigration and identity are just a bi-product of not being the only superpower after the Cold War, but sharing that unrivalled status remains pivotal in a reaction against global organisations that are deemed exploiting American largesse.

Over-run by heterogeneity or homogeneity? what? Both? How does that work Okay it doesn't but has that stopped our generation for imposing such a contradiction? Age, gender, ethnic background social class etc...all that backstory reveals a disparity made essentially by income etc that stimulates nature/nurture pecking-order that regulates by ghettoising or imposing privilege that conventionalizes a rich/poor standard of the status quo that homogenizes by this 'social norm ‘unlikely fracturing combo not fragile because it is an anomaly society in so many ways as to heterogenized any opposition or counter system. But is this squeezed into a combo?

What is the true balance of power between Russia and China today? Sour grapes, resentment Revenge or Re-assertion?

Economic cycles are often blind to political allegiances, and if you're unlucky to be in power during downturn and know it's coming down the pipe, what can you do about it? And who should shoulder the blame? Do opposition parties trigger a downturn to get into power, or government over commit public finances to overspend to prevent a new government from promoting their agenda? Do you want to be in government or in opposition? So, could government lose by winning a general election?

2 stages of Brexit: cancel member ship of the EU, and create a low tax, high productivity, and flourishing turnover in the City of London by enhancing the British economic reputation globally by becoming independent from the super-tanker of the global economy, to fully return contemporary sovereignty to Parliament. Which did it succeed at? Ask Liz Truss! And remember that Lehman Brothers went to the wall because failed a test to see if it could symbolize a successful bucking off the international market.

Is America still the prime destination for migration as a migration society based originally upon escaping religious intolerance from a Europe that for centuries was steeped in religious persecution?

Is there a discernible transference of influence away from the West and to Asia, the Middle East and far East based upon a southern hemisphere upgrade independent from European Imperialism?

So, who held whom back? And who suffered the most from the collapse of 19th to 20th century Empires? Did it result in European aristocracies going to wars that were played-out largely in the occupied global colonies, who were expected to defend the European nation that were occupying and colonising them!?!

Emerging Africanization of African American surnames that connect a 2 way African cultural influence concerning identity and contemporary independence from Euro-centric perception of history, and a growing sense of value to African symbolism as part of African Americans.

Are the homes of Sport migrating to bigger players of specifically the middle East and Asia? Is Sport no longer Euro-centric? Wasn't Brexit a statement that rejected Euro centricity too?

Loop of democracy can mean 'no legislation today or tomorrow' because there's another election on the horizon! Too many and too frequent elections means we have accountability but aren’t politicians constantly having to chase their tail and not do their job -to represent us by reform and by upgrade without losing what we, the public cherish.

Multi-social media is suffocating not just independent thought but free will. Our private thoughts will always be ours, but our values can be devalued by non-stop fast food-like social media!

Desert Island discs or Room 101? Our national radio that is most popular. Which do we prefer? Why?

Is immigration seen as 'an invasion'? Is it seen as an 'invasion' even when there are legitimate reasons for granting asylum? Do we blame people who have made a home here more than we blame those who are desperate to come here?

Will it cost us more to drive our own car more than cars that drive us by themselves? What price for passivity? Is that why we like fast cars and formula 1, because we want to imagine that we can drive faster, or because we are buying more cars that need less and less of human contribution and we are reacting to it?

Is the Northern hemisphere in decline? Terminally or just another type of global cycle? Does climate change give the polluting 1st world an advantage in controlling its effects in the developing world to control global competition?

Why are we living in an era of philes or phobes'? Can we be both at the same time? Are we just sublimating the old rules of the 'Cold War'? Soviets or liberal democracies?

Do we live in an era of cycles, loops, paradoxes, anomalies in a post Industrialised in a world of intricate complex co-dependence or global multi-layered over integration? So, what could upset it all? Expansionism! Are we sleepwalking into an eruption of invasion and conquest that prevents any free debate? What is the price therefore for conformity and its convenience? Are we co-conspirators in being passive? Is Climate change the uniting global issue that can steer us away from conflict with each other?

Straight, bi, gay men are all strongly driven by testosterone levels right across the board -no wonder we have a bad reputation with each other and from women in general too!

Is NATO expanding like BRICS? Would members of BRICS be able to guide Russia out of a disastrous invasion of Ukraine? Is there an interest of ex Warsaw Pact countries (without Russia) creating an Army that can stop the war in Ukraine by reassuring Russia that can heal the need for Russia to expand by not being just NATO? Will it be different from an EU Army too? Or would Russia be intimidated by an EU army more than NATO? Or less intimidated by it?

Is NATO over stretched? Or more united?

Is Israel more influenced by Europe or America? How close is Europe, and does Israel prefer ' on its doorstep' or on its flight path? An Atlantic or Mediterranean alliance? Would America subsidize such a migration of political or military migration? At what stage would both America and Europe walk away if Israel continued its attack on Gaza? Will that decision be based upon a British general election or a Presidential American election later this year? When will they intervene? Is it too late for Gazans today, let alone in 3/4/5 months’ time in the UK and by November later this year in America? And what will happen to the Israeli hostages in the meantime? The time for intervention now! Because now is not sustainable let alone if we continue to shake our words at the situation but do not stop this mutual death race! At least give people some sustenance to stop families from starving! Israel, let's stop playing hard ball! You've convinced everyone that you are relentless and ruthless and will not stop until you gain 'satisfaction' for October 7th! You have every right to defend ourselves as enshrined in UN rights to self-defence, now show some heart and not just some balls. Do you understand that the latter is now seen internationally as an iron fist going beyond revenge which over 30 thousand Gazans have perished that is beyond the count of grief? Don't let the world judge you when you yourselves are in terrible trauma and grief, but that maybe the very red mist that has descended and is clouding your priorities? Pull back from the abyss and stop bleeding the support that you once had , or risk what Hamas always wanted - your friends in the US and the UK who will not be able to support you, leaving you isolated when you are in such agony, and when normally you could count on your friends when you can only count the number of your soldier’s bodies in Gaza and not the civilians who are paying the price for what somebody else did to you!


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