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Siberian Prisons aren't for everyone!!

R- Siberian prisons aren't for everyone!

S- She wants you to have a sit-down with your father.

R- Holidays and fathers!! You can't live with them but you can't live without them !!

S- Freud on tap here!

R- No just character building !

S- May the odds be always in your favour !

R- There are a lot of odds in my family

S- Didn't she have you put through lecci treatment just because you belittled her Caravaggio?

R- My bad ! You don't piss on her Caravaggio !

S- You didn't.... so how would you feel if someone proved that your Caravaggio was a fake on your birthday?

R- Of course it wasn't a fake ! The point I was making was that 'real estate' isn't the most important thing in..

S-................................................Yes it is! And she knew that you knew it was authentic!!

R- Appearances are everything today ! But Paintings are just surface !!

S- When I want a lecture about Art 'Veneerings' I'll ask for one

R- I'm right though?

S- If its flat and can be packed it is packed away ! Of course you're right about the moronic anti-Painting brigade!

R- "What we Painters need is for the 'general grublick' to remember that TV plasmic and film Screens are 'flat ' too !! 'High definition program's' have been around for almost millenia !!"

S- Since when did you start copying me? And since when did you become a Painter?

R- Since I've been stealing your work!

S- It's called plagiarizing' !!

R- All I have to do is slightly change a small section and it becomes 'my image' !!

S- My family will come after you then!!

R- If they don't my family will too!

S- When does 'authentic' need to be entrenched in litigation?

R- Talking of Picasso..

S-................................Your grandmother was very young at the time

R- You've heard the rumours??

S- You're not telling me that Picasso was a woman again are you?

R- How that would've changed the course of history!!

S- Art is change

R- Change isn't necessarily Art!

S- Sweeping away the cob-webs can't be a permanent policy!

R- Neither can let the cob-webs spread!

S- Up grade tech and tech alone and you can stall Art and progress for centuries?

R- Even 'fake-art' is heralding 'no change' But a 'mediocre' Caravaggio? Now that does change everything!!

S- Keeping it in house?

R- It's like the United Nations, all ready with the world represented in situ, and no place for reform or change to even out 'international wrinkles' ! In ten years time just like clockwork there will be another 'run on a masterpiece'; perhaps a Leonardo?

S- Lets not confuse the UN with the EU here!

R- Hot gossip and no progression without transgression?

S- I feel a political Constitution coming on !

R- No evolution without transgression ?

S- Make a date to break?

R- Harden-up your soft-centre ?

S- Hold the layer-cake we've got something to celebrate

R- You're more European than you think!

S- Britain is part of the European zone just not the continental European zone and therefore will always have to mediate between its own domestic views and what's best for the EU and EU membership!

R- Too many people see the security council and the UN as part of a global mismanagement and policy failure. Likewise they see the EU Parliament and ministers as moth-balling the whole exciting prospect of a unique Europeanness open to every type of legitimate trade.

S- Nice but without the spice!

R- What does my mother think about it?

S- That's why she's pissed off with you downgrading her Caravaggio?

R- It's authentic but not inspiring !

S- What do you want Randall?

R- To unite the rest and the best !

S- A 'New Randall'?

R- Definitely not the 'Old Randall' !

S- Reform can become an addiction !

R- Sign me up !

S Too much personality and no addiction should suit you Ran!

R- Give me my addiction !

S- Coming right-up !

R- Trump is here in the UK and I'm not great at sharing the limelight let alone American English !

S- So slick as a carrot, cup of Rosie lee has your name on it?

R- Caught between a rock and a hard place here !

S- That's where you deserve to be Randall !

R- Have you ever thought... I all?

S- 'The gall' ? Now I understand!

R- Took you a while!

S- There is always time to catch-up !

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