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20th century thinking

The Western Art Elite in the 20th century ousted the pre-eminence of the medium of Painting ostensibly for a plethora of arguments that nevertheless camouflaged the structural attempt to undermine Soviet Cultural 'science' of Soviet certainty and resolution by infecting it with a virus by infection by paradox, inner-conflict, distortion, contradiction, imbalance and connivance with diffuse indifference and dubious moral latitude as a weapon of ideological provocation in the shallow waters of well constructed apathy ! Indeed both Thatcherism and Reaganomics thrived on a cultural deficit and Art vacuum that invaded Marxist absolutism, leaving Sovietism to cling to 'Bourgeois corruption and degenerate Western amorality' as its basic rudimentary defence mechanism, that grew more and more deflated as the 1980's wore on ! However, that was not the main thrust to anti-Sovietism; The West were far more subversive by manipulating internecine radicalisation of the West by the illicit use of the mainstream and the radical Left ! This new Left was not exposed to both post Cold War politics or New Labour, but its narrative of usurping Soviet 'old-fashioned and archaic 'Marxist-Leninism' as only fit for the opportunism of the 1920's ! The Left had advanced far beyond the tired repetitive and failing Soviet model stuck in the 1920's!

Radicalised contemporary concepts and issues of Gender, Sexuality, Race, ethnicity and identity rendered Marxist-Leninism out of date for their grandfathers generation and out of touch with audacity and risk that manifested itself as a reaction to the heady but illusive failings of radicalism of the 60's and 70's ! It wasn't the Soviets that was deemed 'anti-bourgeois and progressive', but the radical western Left who changed the language of contemporary rebellion with the deconstruction of the very status and symbolic value of language that had hitherto been degraded by the narcissism of what had become a 'vanity project of Soviet lack of relevance beyond the unhealthy confines of its totalitarian self-delusion. Stagnation and ossification of the Soviet Union had been surpassed by western youthful energy and radicalisation that was deemed a degenerate threat to the Eastern bloc because it was so well established in the West. So when the Prague Spring rejoiced in its celebration of youthful potential the Soviets misread it as a threat and not an upgrade and re-invaded 'Czechoslovakia'! in invading all Eastern Europe in the last flicker of World War 2, it imposed Marxist Leninism on Eastern Europe that included youth culture suppression that only stored-up an inevitable youthfulness that would seek expression. Why is this significant ? Indeed, it is significant because the very western cousins that would undercut Sovietism in the 1980's were inspired by the Prague Spring that rebelled in the face of being suppressed by re-invading Soviet tanks! Historically the youth of Prague exercised unparalleled influence as an assertion of youth solidarity when subsequent generations (including my own)may have just been reaffirming the very rites of passage of natural tension between generations "as a assertion of character, nobility of spirit that reassures and solidifies any society," but doesn't change a damn thing ! But what the Prague Spring did give notice of was the mortality of Sovietism and the fact that whilst the Russian's actually revolted against the Tsar etc, the post World War 2 was not a conversion but an imposition, and marked that versions of' Proletarianisation' clearly operated within the Warsaw Pact countries based upon variables that could only have been maintained by centralised absolutist dictatorship !

So whilst a British led militant political radicalism threatened the Soviets, French philosophers added the coup de grace by plundering the potential collapse of Soviet dependence on a dialectical materialism by mining the Structuralist and post-structuralist deconstruction of Soviet 'unrivalled destiny and scientific inevitability '! There is no doubting the capacity and influence of the deconstruction of Soviet ideology, because its next upgrade became very distinctive as 'political Spin', to be used in the post Cold War period especially ! In fact an inevitable Soviet-baiting that advertised the moral bankruptcy of Sovietism thrived upon Soviet insistence of its false inevitability had to be sharply curtailed by Western leaders to not engage in the spoils of war for the victorious West, that still residually exists today !? Why ? Putin has invaded a sovereign country, where he may claim he's chasing-out Nazi's but is only exposing another 'inevitability' - Ukraine will always defend its homeland, tomorrow, today, and like every day just like yesterday!, and is free of Nazi, Soviet and Russian and any other influence that may try to impose its will on Ukraine !


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