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Are Civilian lives worth less than global military machines?

Civilian lives are always the victims of war, revolutions and counter-revolutions. Why? Since the 1st world war trench-war stalemate, militaries have placed more demands on their armed forces to extract psychological pain by warfare on enemies by slaughtering their civilian populations ! But to my mind it was Guernica in the Spanish civil war that the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Stalin saw the advantage of terror inflicted on innocent lives of non-combatants that could so impact on enemies etc Furthermore, those experiences encouraged Stalin to increase his use his reign of terror on his own people too, and I think he learnt how to split Poland with Hitler without any caution or suspicion because Hitler may have felt that (even though Hitler hated Communism) Stalin's purging of POUM was so 'impressive a brazen betrayal on fellow Republicans that he respected the 'anti-bourgeois villainy' of a fellow tyrant ! Stalin's 'friendly fire' basically endorsed the terror from the air, sea, land and through state imposed paranoia and propaganda that would lead to a second world war that included the Blitz, Dresden, Hiroshima etc, whilst incentivizing the hate-crime of Hitler's rationalising of mass murder - the collapse of all society respect for private property and the dignity of humanity in order to self-inflict Europe to the butchery and dehumanising hate of the Holocaust. Any European or non-Eurpean war since, including the invasion of Ukraine and the Gaza/Israeli conflict still manages to stir that evil pot of the Holocaust that haunts the bloody fields of Europe as the unprovoked attack on defenceless families and communities as the ultimate torment of a military force attacking and unleashing mass murder on a civilian population which quite rightly triggers our universal fear of any racist hate criminality. It is not oversensitivity of the West, it is the shame of it happening under our noses , on our watch !

So, you can see why I may feel wary of both Hamas and the Israeli military when it comes to the issue of using non combatants as both human shields and kidnap victims, that will eventually degenerate into a blood-bath where noncombatants are used to traumatise and torture friends and families suffering from such low-down tactics of social media images updating torture of loved ones beyond the Israeli or Western reach - it's inhumane!

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