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Britain today is like a reality TV show that as interactive is both surreal and tangential

Look for the bump in Banking assistance to help with everything but mortgage relief for its customers . 'Bank initiatives galore !Social media sites, a crackdown on Fraud, new sponsorships etc' all to help the image of Banks that owe the British taxpayer for bailing-out the Banks ,not just during the Credit Crunch as well as its austerity package that ensued ! Interest Rates, ah -can't live with them and can get kicked out by them ! Taking anyone's money involves some liability safety-net within the Banks, even if the extra money Banks make in good and bad times is not really passed-on to the Bank customer. But who forks out in Mortgage payments regularly and is not seeing their money best invested in their relationship with the Banks when it comes to extortionate hikes in Mortgage payments because of higher interest rates ? Surely it is the Bank of England to set interest rates, but the Banks' job is to have a longer view,and a sound long-term investment plan for all those struggling with towering mortgage demands through no fault of their own !!? Indeed, doesn't the government in Britain can't be held wholly responsible for international markets and inflationary pressures too? But that does mean that all governments can't take 100% credit for any signs of recovery?!

-Perhaps we also confuse the Banking system as financing migration abroad ?!? Or was that Brexit? Or is it a matter of 'immigration , Britain taking in dodgy money ? But hasn't our British Brexit economy put off the boats on the coast and their immigrants packed with new visions of making a new life work beyond the aspirations of the indigenous public ( indigenous by unique multi-racial recent and distant sceptred isle ? Wasn't someone's great grandmother German, one's grandfather Greek, one's Daughter in law American ? What about our greatest leader in the jaws of the Nazi's a son of an American mother?Immigration is like the Thames, sure we have a London Barrier just in case the ebbs and flow doesn't do any damage, but the 21st century thrives on input and output, supply and demand ! So when someone gets all fired-up about immigration via the international money migrations that 'make us or break us' seen as a risk we can't afford to take, etc I feel someone's not being realistic and I say that investing in Britain is a form of 'financial immigration',where we also recruit the best for the best . And ,yes, we Brits haven't always shone, but we welcome even in inflationary Britain international immigration to work for both the public sector and the private sector too? Why? because it's an act of absolute entrepreneurial risk by risking everything to work in Britain !

Why work in the NHS or the private health sector? Because not only the rich can afford to be patients ! Access and starting your own business is actually about your career building, and we integrate in Britain with that same premise ,plus Both Labour shadow Cabinet and Tory Cabinets attest to how it can work for all ! It's the lifeblood of centuries of being British, but so is the nightmarish side of discrimination that will always persist too ! So, logically being British is to cross the rubicon by self-enterprise and by community leadership, and paying your way is to set standards !

Tories aren't the only post Cold War generations to fear the ultimate extreme of 'criminal immigration', 'Invasion of one's neighbours ! This country was saved by all Brits from all over the world who may have never seen the white cliffs of Dover before, but declared their intentions to aspire for all Brits to follow ! Indeed, our most remarkable Top notch NHS staff have rarely gone on strike because of their loyalty and gratitude to a nation of diversity of peoples , all the skill sets we could hope for and the fear in their hearts of a prospective 'brain-drain' because of the diminution of internationally qualified staff that are encouraged to join the NHS and the private sector ! Don't people realise that there is a well trodden path from qualified NHS staff to invest their qualities in the very private health care sector that is being over-tightened ? When top table Surgeon's don't just do exclusive work for their private clientele but also schedule-in NHS work, starving these health professionals by slow rolling technology and slow uptake of new machinery in the NHS , doesn't keep up with treatment in the private sector, essentially stereotyping the sector by class division rather than universal choice, and is very damaging to all, and destroys the hard work of the industry to generally promote the private sector from not being universally only for the rich ! ! This then drains essential competition as a eventual knock-on effect because the NHS is not being funded sufficiently to master new ideas and techniques,new drug research etc equipment is holding-up upgrades !

Anything that is under selling the business and private sector is not going to help the Tories in the 2024 election , when it should be its chief advantage ! Indeed, it's like the Tories shooting themselves in the foot , it's just if the private sector of health by under funding of the NHS is in any way suffering ,you shooting yourself in the foot will go sceptic and you won't be able to kick-start your political career ! Moreover,ironically a Labour government may inject money for both services and wages of an NHS in order to give the following Tory government an excuse to cut wages and NHS services to afford its tax cuts and ,if in power for 3 terms, will be able to choreograph an economic cycle to deliberately lose an election to Labour because you want to get rid of deadwood ! Nothing is more relished in Tory circles than friendly fire after 2 or 3 or 4 Tory terms of office ! It's clear that the Tories own the political pendulum swing, and Labour's mantra is 'If you can't beat them, let them destroy each other ! It just takes normally 3 terms before the Tories enjoy self-destruct 'by choice! You just don't want to be leader at the same time because you are the sacrifice ! Indeed, PM Sunak might well be also having to deal with a rival who seeks revenge, who may exercis more influence from a well known Tabloid than someome who is not So, in actual fact, Tory governments are the beneficiary of Labour investments, and the private sector is also dependent on Labour losing office under the proviso that the industry is in rude healthto facilitate the very competition it thrives on, that the Tories are short term and not long term investors !


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