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Cohabitation between Painter and Paint for the 21st century

Original image making is your agenda and personal growth is your motivation.

Reworking of old visual 'Texts' is not an agenda worth a lot of time.

Why not collaborate between 2D and 3D images brought together by the DNA of Paint ?

Why not live a little and shake things up by making Painting the front line in Art Britain ?

Why not revolt against against the neolithic thinking that devalues and is reductionistic ?

Why be cosying-up to esoteric variants of structuralism and relativism when they are dictating to us an element of nihilism ?

How about Greta's way of protesting against the abolition of Painting and drawing from many Art Colleges' curriculum's in Britain ?

Why not celebrate TV's role in enabling Painting to have such a high profile in Sky Arts productions of Landscape Artist of the Year and Portrait Artist of the year?

What is wrong with Art being popular?

Why depend on the 1950's to connect Galleries to Painting today ?

Regenerate in the inner-cities ? Then stop the undermining of popular individual original image making that everyone has access to ? It's is not an 'Art Establishment' of aristocrats but a closed-door to non-qualifications which tend to be intellectually insensitive and mutually corroborative only !

End the monopoly of the Nerds, Cecil's and 'insider-trading intellectuals'!

Why not have a finger-print from our ancestors and a finger print of our human fallibility of our future?

Compare the 'virtual exhibitions' with the real McCoy's !

Be instructed by every influence you come into contact with without having to abandon originality of your image making

The magic and the originality of Paint doesn't have to be 'glued to your heads' , they are a celebration of the human spirit, a colour and light to elevate your humanity.

You have life, live it !


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