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Contrivance and Reverse Engineering to account for manufacturing confirmation Bias?

What was the Russian response towards the end of the Cold War ? The maintenance of State controlled social media proliferation in Russia, contrivance by spin and counter-deconstruction, acceptance of foreign investment whilst planning a territorial expansion that the West just saw as joining the global free market.

The experience of 70 years of Marxist-Leninism clearly had seminal and paradoxical levels of economic unsustainable infrastructure and superstructure flaws, antediluvian means of balancing the books, but , what is clear now is that Putin and xi Jingping today are trying to reverse engineer a perfect model of a Marxist nature by contrivance to make a 'paradigm of Marxist virtue' by lining-up and getting all their ducks in a row to artificially create a dolly the sheep version to self-induce, sell or rent out for 'optimum circumstances' of Marx in the 21st century ! Both utopian and efficient has been the orchestration of this synthetic, artificial criteria may have been an ' international laboratory experiment' conducted over 30 years, but instead has created only a nationalistic rubric and an inevitable pull of Capitalism ! But this form of Capitalism seems to be a mutation that doesn't favour Western democracy as a political enfranchisement of the free market ! Moreover, these giants are just inducing dictat and enforcing a state demand that every individual has to engage in entrepreneurialism at every station and at every district for the 'motherland' or face sanctions ! This is obligatory to enhance the Tiger economy of China and necessary in Russia so as to increase the capacity of rivalling the West's deemed monopoly 'by entertaining a new organisation which is engaging a post Cold War rejection of reliance on the West. (BRICS). The dictatorship of the Proletariat maybe replaced by a mega federal structure of largely an anti-Anglo-Saxon hegemony that harnesses any post Cold War resentment from China and Russia and embraces the new order of multiple Superpowers as endorsed by (B)razil, (R)ussia, (I)ndia, (C)hina and (S)outh Africa in the BRICS remit !

Is this an attempt to establish a non-dependency on a Western type of Welfare as opposed to a new invention of 'contribute or become not self-sustainable' and sink into the abyss of being underprivileged, rejected and marginalised without any safety net , as the consequence and hangover from Sovietism which was to be punished and 'corrected ' in Siberia or a Pysch-ward. So a new social class has been recreated called the 'struggling -classes' that have been abandoned to pre-Dickensian devaluation and denigration because it is deemed that they are an unproductive cohort of failure !!?! But isn't it surprising that free marketeers in the West actually envy this social and economic characteristic of social irresponsibility and stigma ! How does that work !?? Well, it shows that it is folly that the perceived dysfunctionality and unproductive value of the struggling classes (Modernist 21st century Painters have been rendered unemployed because my profession is no longer seen as contemporary) is a retentive, reductive cross-over from a discredited Soviet system that failed and was catastrophic for the global community for 70 years ! But welcome to the bear-pit of contradictory ideas that mask progress and deny resolution to move on !

But Russia and China today have understood that the end of the Cold War was not a surrender but an opportunity to use and assimilate with both similar and countermeasures to explore the vulnerabilities of its major competitors . We now have a new concept of ex Soviet counter-deconstruction, a use of business enterprise to restructure ex Soviet methods of being more contemporary a free market than the original 20th century leaders in it ! Russia and China is sciencing the shit out of Capitalism to be the best at it under the nose of the West, and on its own terrain ! If the economic cycles are right , there will be downturns in the global economy and that are opportunities for these superpowers to legitimately over-tip the world economy without having to do it conspicuously ! Instead of being a' Trojan horse' readying to knife the West in the back, China and Russia may just exploit the global fallout of recessions that Marxists would have said were inevitable in Capitalism ! They don't have to encourage 'pulling the plug when they wait for someone else to leak it ! !And there was I believing that Marxism wasn't just finished in the 19th but also the 20th and 21 centuries !!! Even a mutation and a contrivance of an upgrade of Marxism to fit its orthodoxy could be horrendous with global implications ! No wonder that idle chit chat in the West may stray on "What happened to Cold War reparations ? Who pays that? Surely the victors don't ? Or did the West pour trillions into a 2system China and a capitalist Russia with an aspirational new democratic Parliament, only to find Putin is immovable !??!

In fact, he remains in power because Soviet mechanics of state control (KGB etc) may have served a Marxist failing Soviet state, but were highly successful and no doubt extended the longevity of the USSR, which had endured through the transition to Capitalist Russia today ! But a concern is that the infrastructure of oppression in the erstwhile KGB may still have a leader who is in an influential political position to dictate a la KGB ! Indeed, the invasion of Ukraine may be largely a FSB and GRU idea !?! But territorial expansionism in the illegal invasion of Ukraine may have been used to legitimise Israeli attempts to expand its borders with more illegal Israeli settlements into Gaza with the 'justification' of eliminating Iran backed Hamas ??!! I'm sure that Putin (who backs Iran ) does not want to be blamed for both Ukraine and Gaza !!?! But this happened on our watch too ! How human nature turns its back to infect humanity ! Indeed, will Israel enforce an imposition on the private property of Gazans as a weapon to traumatise those who are left after 23000 Gazans have been killed by Israeli forces ? Could Putin withdraw from Ukraine to leverage Israel to leave Gazan civilians to bury their dead and pick up their lives in their homeland ? If that still doesn't stop Israeli belligerence, I'm sure that Israel will be on its own, without its sponsor America ? If that diplomatic carnage happens, Hamas would have won !....... and I thought that getting rid of Hamas was the IDF's mission, to stop mass murder not to inflict it or to incentivise it !!?


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