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Down with up ???

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Why does anti-Painting propaganda still rely on the dumbing-down of mass participation ?Which other generic medium does mass participation individual by individual ? Music,sculpture, poetry? Is it fair that some are better than others in spite of Art College training and qualifications and that only by luck of mass participation do talented individuals come to the fore? Bye , bye Socialism and hello 'give it a go' 'in your kitchen' or your back garden mass experimentation ! Is Painting 'cheating' ? Does Painting go 'viral' because it can reach beyond the internet ? Is it unique in doing this ? Does Painting encourage and stimulate elevation or restriction when one of the giants of TV Landscape Painter of the year etc screens its show ? Does anyone have to ask permission to Paint ? Do you need an Art passport or a course in Greece to Paint ? Is Painting causing a stir in the UK today because it is relatively carbon neutral but also an enabler and liberator of choice and individual free will ? Can you self-train to experience the spin-offs of making decisions on canvas into your own life in general ? Can't you run your own journey by metaphorical petrol, diesel or electric...or walk, run or jog at your own pace ? Why not make a living out of Paint ? Or try to by taking ownership of your work regardless of the owner ? Materialist ownership is a means to an end here but authorship isn't ! Why not work at what you can't conquer but can only be a steward of ? Hey ! Even top-dogs are cogs ! Don't wait too late ! Log-in, open the gate, re-route, spin your own plate ! What ? You can't take anything with you ! No Roman no cry right ? You want to be a centurion when you want someone else to give you orders ? You can do too well in life ! Painting is a leveller not a redistributor ! Time for the twee to answer to the free ! It's a free open-ended opportunity to explore human fallibility and mortality, where the law isn't the flaw or when politics is a true bore at its core ! One can subsist in the UK as a Painter, and I am so grateful to the UK for not letting me starve whilst I Paint, unlike say 2 centuries ago ! Today's Conceptual Art is on one level amazing in so many ways when done well when its joins science and technology to bring a piece of the universe that the public never knew existed by creating a 'new life form' !

But be that as it may, Paint has already a track-record of self-discovery by the ancient practice of human hand-print, that absolutely unbreakable bond, our' human circulation' our DNA hand painted on a canvas ! Why would we give our ancestry our inheritance up ? Therefore science, time, space are too huge unresolved issues for Paint to ignore on canvas! The terrestrial atmosphere is like Paint, it is our ancient shield from our solar killer, devoid of oxygen and bullying gravity ! Paint didn't start with Giotto's perspective in the 13th century but it did make manifest the conversation about different dimensions, time zones and the multi-verse that our contemporaries are discussing ! It is related to undoing the knot of 'Form' and Painting that has distracted the progressive Painter by informing his/her take on 'the level of abstraction or 'Palette relativism' that will break any bonds remaining in

our cul-de-sac of our 'form obsessed past'. An 'order or side dish of levels of abstraction' doesn't cut it for me, yet who wants to be a CA artist when if you do, you'll live a painful life without Paint? Surely too high a price to pay ? So perspective on perspective must now include how many or how profound are qualities of Art's shattered mirror ? How does one maintain the surface tension of Paint and its symbiotic relationship with a varying degree of how tort the Painter decides to make the canvas ? A human dialogue just like that of poetry and music operates on varying degrees of inclusivity, but exclude the public and the Artist becomes cut-off and lost in space beyond Art hemisphere's that one can't map-out. How do we react or respond if canvas Space can simply be a killer and a connector at the same time?!

Paint is an unanswered question of human failure, a recognition of human frailty, but can be guided by a growing speculative and contemplative scientific contemporary community. Scientists both use laboratory analysis as well as creative originality to question laws of Physics and bio-chemistry etc today. This mathematical dialogue with guestimation has proved to be of ground-breaking influence on many Artists. This has emboldened a panoramic experimentation that has been largely under investigation by CA, but has a value for Paint and its medium too. But when will there by the inevitable schism ? When will Painting not just shine a light on life ? Why does the science of originality of image be self-supporting without clinging to abstraction as the only support for dimensionality ? Let me explain: why do we have such a narrow definition of things that are more than 2 D ? There is a process of expanding from 2 D to 3D, 4 D , but is that it for Paint ? Proverbial 'One-dimensional 'Painting has so much more to create!

Can't we recognize that a cell splits into two and then continues to split into more cells - that's its evolutionary job ! And we have to borrow this metaphor to understand the need for the high table of Art to stop putting the agenda of Paint evolution on hold ! Restoration can't be limited to following the masters of post-Renaissance who endeavoured to re-claim Art by an up-date, a heads-up on Painting and sculpture ! We can learn that nostalgia and retro gimmicks are not our 'Painting Renaissance' of our era . We also have to show respect for the 160/170 years of the modernist Painting of our fore-fathers, our inheritance and our responsibility ! Stewardship alone ? No !! Stasis is not on any Painter's agenda ! Progressive change by originality of image is our Paint destiny! Is our faith and our testimony to it!

Don't worry ! I am not some Paint junkie wanting you to believe in some 'Painting creationism'.!! Nor are we Darwinian in our Painter evolution ! I have no time for 'Painting' embracing survival of the fittest. But we do understand what Darwin had to deal with as a scientist proving that mankind evolved from an ape (which has now been updated into a piece of carbon thrown out at the time of the Big Bang!) whilst trying desperately to maintain his Christian faith. In our largely secular world today, he might well have found some reassuring 'absence of belief', but his particular cross he had to bare was two hemisphere's in his scientific brain fighting for the 'lions share of the light' to survive. Perhaps we live in societies that persist in sowing doubt in our lives , or feed-off the contemporary paradoxes and contradictions etc ? Our greatest public lack of faith has become our refusal to combine the science of : we are 96% Chimpanzee and 100% (approx) responsible for not doing anything about Climate Change' ! Perhaps our faith isn't convenient secularism but not getting our left and right brains working together to reform and to initiate cooling the global temperature and the faith to know how to restore our lives and suspend all ulterior motives that make us cynical , and do something not just for 'me, me, me...' ! In my field I want to re-birth Painting today by 'Dialogue in Paint', I want to break the chain of revolution and counter-revolution in Art, and I want to ignore or expose those who aren't prepared to do the hard yards ! I want to restore belief in Paint and I want to celebrate any new climate of opinion-change that will take us away from cynicism and towards a full life in colour ! Is it too much for me to ask not to take the 'T' away from 'Paint' ? I say :Paint your Wagon any way you want to!. Don't let Painting be obscured by the manipulated and mobilized 'public perception by the media engineers. Painting is not a 'black mirror' greedily consuming all Paint and its originality ! Here's a question :Were hand-paintings in South Africa (at the dawn of human existence) 70 000 years ago a literal likeness or a leap of faith to interpret social life and the human condition expressed in metaphor validation ? Were the first recorded Paintings in caves or stuck(as Tracey Emin would say) in an artificial environment, artificial temperatures and artificial light often incongruously mounted where the experience of them is muted like today ? No! An unbridled need to explore our world's hearts, minds and souls have always been so we can understand our central to 'reform and renew ' and to inspire our world and the next...and (if you relate to something that is not deistic) the next and the next etc ! Science fiction surely ensures we compare not divide, share not deprive our need to explore the universe so we can return richer by individualizing our take on humanity. Indeed science fiction is our 20th and 21st centuries metaphor and conduit for our human capacity to source our unique potential, our filter that makes life liberty and the pursuit of happiness a pursuit that engages us in Paint as a liberator. Ditching the medium of Painting is like a human sacrifice measured by the God's of technology to digitalize and redistribute a mass epidemic of conformism. Isn't it ironic that this farce is perpetuated by reducing it to a 'historical medium' will be preserved in a morgue solely of museums whilst the rest of us are over-heating and facing the perils of climate change ? Or do we think we can take our historical treasures with us after the climate goes nuts ? So why do we think we can preserve Painting from the past when we need to save our medium from the wreckage of realities of our Art environment today ?

Shouldn't we demand we revisit our priorities and our curriculums that don't include Painting at every layer before,during and after Art College? Isn't it the duty of the Painter to restore metaphorically the Art Paint to come ? I am so sorry for those who are bleeding-out by their lurch towards practicing Conceptual Art because they have no imagination, no money,or who want to be the centre of peer-group attention and end-up being a fashion accessory by spinelessness! Of course the challenge of Paint is publicly perceived as 'hitting the wall' when it is more bouncing off the curb ! Of course no one expects people to run as fast as Usain Bolt or as fast as Mo Farah, but don't be deterred by your intrusive and manipulative Art lecturer who wants an 'assist' if the Art world finds your CA witty and ironically self-deprecating ! But jumping on the bandwagon is not the same as being the Trojan horse is it ???!!! Becoming an ambulance chase is the Art's version of body-building to overcompensate for not being Usain Bolt or Mo Farah of Art !

Where does the term 'visionary' originate from? That's right, as a metaphor as well as a sensorial function. Right? How do we realize we're not seeing the trees for the wood and vice versa !?? En..light...en..courage !!! Let your mind turn your sight on because all of us have hurt eyes because we've never used them before. Turn-on, tune in, turn off the artificial blinkers, the headphones of binary living without having to use the phrase in a 1960s hippy political agenda context ! This is not rebel talk it is memory and hope no longer dangling at the Conceptual Art rope ! lies are for spies, diction is for writing fiction but painting is what ever you want to do, where ever or how ever you want to do it; for the written-off it doesn't have to choke-up or cough-up it is your view with mine multiplied by billions ! Imagine how 500 00 million Painter's could paint the same subject at the same time and not duplicate??!! It's the future that I would endorse by Painter's moto : Why not Yes we can'?


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