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Gritty 21st century realism

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Gritty 21st century realism is an admission of imperfection reconciled with limited jurisdiction to offer a degree of balance which humanity concedes is either not an all encompassing system riven with paradoxes or a simplistic ideological answer but one in which we can be measured by our taking of opportunities with all the risk in the world, but all the gains of success in it awaiting the one that can improvise and flourish ! Parables may or may be interpreted here, but I do not intend to preach except to myself ! (I just hope I'm convincing !) But this flexible chance and dynamic is an acceptable rubric for 21st century Capitalism. ironically whilst Marx has been consigned to the 19th century after the disastrous Marxist-Leninist experiments of the 20th century but which have paved the way specifically from the 18th century, but reconstituted and recontextualised American Constitution for today !Why? Its checks and balances and its legal entitlements and protection affect the very world of imperfection and finite responsibility and irresponsibility that are the very zeitgeist of the contemporary world today ! There are gritty realists who grasp at this advantage of risk versus chance or the random that suits the world of over-population, underemployment but thriving competition .

In this context of inevitable competition, for eons the NHS has been accused of having no spirit of resourcefulness to be truly 'competitive. But Capitalism is a very British imperative as an island historically always needing a mercantile element ! We are not afraid of survivalism and remaining in the best shape to feed each of us. So that is the quality of competitive compulsion in which the NHS has outstripped and survived the other Nationalised Industries of the 1945 Labour government. How has this impacted on Britons ? Well Tories have been very mobile and flexible from a starting point of suspicion and toleration towards the NHS to seeing it as the people's friend that has outshone and been the blue-print for removing social prejudices inside and outside of the NHS as well as evolving away from Socialism firstly from its overbearing controlling forms of public ownership and secondly from the self-proclaimed architects of it who have unfairly demanded unquestioning electoral loyalty as a return payment or electoral backhander ! Here the NHS has become an inspiration that is politically neutral and a major British Institution, much like the very globally venerated British Civil services ( that once too set the high water mark of apprenticeship in the administering deftly the Imperial decline. The NHS now attracts international health professionals to induce and lead the very NHS vocational loyalty that teams-up with and for all the British people.! We have inherited and served for all of us ! Indeed, why shouldn't the NHS be confrontational and competitive with ill health and be able to treat and anticipate how to avoid it ? It is an anomaly in so many different ways but we know if the NHS is beating ill health people don't access it so much. Empty wards = the best of health ! In fact if the NHS does too good a job we the public forget the NHS's tireless service for all of us every day and every night through-out our lives. We should welcome this era of swings and roundabouts, dips of confidence, reverses and switches and even failure to prepare and determine and to invest. But this doesn't dim the appetite for 'Capitalism for Crises' (which would be the exact opposite to a charity) in the West that emboldens that we cherish rather than inhibit; not that far different from the risk taking and full blown professionalism that rises to every challenge, just like the NHS !?! Like the NHS, Capitalism is supposed to be in permanent crisis when in actual fact it is roused and dynamic when confronted with viruses, infection or susceptibility and even weakness......also like the NHS ?! "

This era has announced itself as not having a direct and not even a hierarchical structure to make decisions and decision makers accountable. The world today acknowledges its social and economic tokenism as well as its potential incorruptibility that battles with a world of blemish and recklessness but is the best that humanity has." Its Old Testament of blood and thunder as well as New Testament of hopeful tolerance. There are no no go areas of social thought and Market exploitation, when both the Soviet Russian and Chinese economies have embraced some form of Capitalism, where Capitalism and not nuclear deterrent have been globally effective and functional . The Western 'Constitutional' system has many defects and many unresolved issues that divide all societies and lead to debate and mutual shortcomings of a flawed but truly representative life-affirming provision of unpredictable circumstances and consequences that can not be controlled, just accorded some recognition. At best the Western Democracies condemn tyranny and reward those who self- sacrifice to bring honour and faith to us all ! But faith and trust in economic management is more difficult to obtain - but that offers the very life-force of making things and people answer for any indiscretions ! But here's the the reality :the Capitalist system may have found new ways of secreting investments but we can all film by mobile phone all over the world to expose corruption ! This is a social reflex that has brought real technological power to the general public universally ! Even tech stuff has brought Democracy closer to each one of us and works in liberating people from totalitarian regimes like Mubarac's Egypt as just a part of the Arabic Spring. These changes have truly upgraded Democracy, and in Blighty we have developed our own micro-climate of diversifying the political food chain ! Brexit will bump-start and create an economy that Covid -19 has tried to consume ! Although I voted Remain, I concede that Brexit is a re-launch that has fortuitously fallen into our laps, and I for one am aware that 'gift horses etc?!! don't come around very often !

Contrary to popular perception we have up-graded the role of those who make policy. No longer is there a deal behind closed doors, as Conspiracy theorist , then hackers, then spin-doctors, then PR salesman who provide politicians the choice of screwing it up or hammering it down, barely unaware of the nuances of Party whips and Media influence. Competition always has a battle with censorship versus change, confrontation and negotiation, but policy always ends-up as friend or foe, and that's why we elect or de-elect our politicians, where we the people ultimately control political party argument and its measure of success. Thank God we are fallible too, and that's how Democracy should moderate its Constitutional values and rules and not by control and conformity. For some every now and again here in Britain we spring a change every generation that no one could predict : in our times that happened when the North white working-class and not the Toffs from the South voted for Brexit in absolutely definitive numbers !Who'd have thought that ex-mining, ship-building and steel Labour strong-holds would have restored Boris and the Tory party to be able to bring Brexit home??! Welcome to the new epoch of a federal social class system and wider new and original demographics without social class delineation and determinism and that competes with how self-transformation takes place. Marx will need to turn in his grave right now or go to a Yoga class rather than the class of1849 ! Finally, Britain is no longer bound to the sort of Dickensian London and other major Dickensian British cities of the 19th centuries industrialisation ! At last the British public is no longer determined by Britain's Industrialisation of class division - we are long gone!


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