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Life is A shaboret my dear come to the Shaberet

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

If Paint relies upon light, why wouldn't Paintings rely upon illumination? If it is too difficult and not profitable. Art is open to all without tech having to re-boot it ! Why seek the lateral and the oblique when you can use what's under your nose? Why does 'drive' have to involve the reverse? What gears? Why gears? When gears? 'Gears' are just a euphemism that is meant to mean 'go forward', but actually mean 'run!'. Suffocating in too tight a space are you? Having to choose a difficult path? Rejecting the norms still means what it says on the tin! And that includes rejecting 'radical, new so close to the edge you can taste the reaction' stuff ! Bore someone else with your shock, rock rot ! Do what your mind and wallet says not to in Art terms ! All that gorging on 'rotten, bedlam bananas goes to town'. How far do you need to self-destruct just to be authentic? Let me lay down the gauntlet to all those Conceptual Artist's, the 'magnolia's do Cabaret' : If you're not shock and bore ONLY PAINT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE ! Wouldn't that be resistance without an agenda? Could you handle obscurity? Don't worry, no one chooses it, but if you follow your youthful spirit, why wouldn't you want anonymity? Embrace the vast oceans beyond your social needs and value your freedom. You don't have to make freedom-up, it's already waiting for you. Travel light and forget having to make par for the course ! Make your own course ! Don't rely on the 'Cabaret set' who are only a vulture circle, pick-up where you left off and step into the light ! Painting is light, you can be its illumination !


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