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Manifesting? Old hat or new broom?

Do we want to control our present and future? Do we need a contrast or a comparison against failure to 're-attract' one's destiny through a binary cellular almost magnetic effect of a formation that brings positive 'cells' to bond with other positive cells, and vice versa with negative cells, to enhance and further one's self -esteem and one's prospects! Mumbo jumbo or fresh focus?

The Tories are on the front-foot, global manifestors ready to self-transform in order to earn and own one's place in success with merit, and then and only then will they try to preserve it, guard it and protect it with everything they have! But not every victory is as active an influence as poor old Lis Truss! Liz Truss is the first part of transformation negativity that Tories will not avoid but embrace to launch its celebration of achievement! How? What? Not only did she try and strong-arm the global economic markets, but she proved that only rational pragmatism can win the day in her place! Bye Bye ideology, hello progress! Not only have the Tories augmented their focus but got 'closure' from yesterday's leaders! But what if PM Sunak is not the man for 'hold it steady'? What if he is more than the Tories can handle? What if he's 'less suspicion but far more caution'? What if he doesn't want to play 'Yes we can Obama?' What if the Tories do not embody PC but never use it against each other too, when PM Sunak may be beyond PC and thus leave a spot for Starmer to use PC to play the Tories against each other? This may be too crude or prejudiced, low-down and dirty but also 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth' may all coalesce for Labour! But this will be the next election : 'if you want to shoot yourself in the foot Labour, plough-on ahead and lose all your moral credibility' or learn and have the whole issue exposed in public that Labour has some no go areas locked-in by PC in particular that may lose you votes too!?!. Temptations abound ?But do you think Rishi Sunak doesn't know of the dubious tactics that may be not just used from his opponents but from even friendly fire too, before he applied for the job? Do you think he hasn't calibrated it way into the future? He has a plan and he has a front foot straight bat, but he's also aware that bouncers and beamers may be coming his way too! The next election may be more about what is not said but what is implied or what you can infer from your opponent's subliminal message and then convince the electorate that you're not being desperate or making a storm in a tea-cup !!?!

But before we deal with the lengths and breadths of the Broadchurch of Toryism, let's deal with this new phenomenon for self-liberation and career meteoric rise called 'Manifesting. There are variations on emphasis but crudely put involves 3 characteristics: Firstly 'visualization' techniques, secondly meditation and lastly, mantras repeated to clear one's focus. This doesn't sound like a feature of Toryism to me, but a new generation of entrepreneurs swear by it! This is not George Harrison's spiritual guide, or a way to encourage Tory backbenchers to sit crossed legged (type 2 diabetes may not help either), but there is an increasing number of those who aren't sold into political Guru's, high Priests and shamans etc but find solace from the coal-face of business to tap into free thinking without political fixations! I think this is a development from the 1990's where not only was the end of the Cold War liberating but New Labour breathed new life into alternative ways of thinking! " If orthodoxy get's in the way of positive change, change your orthodoxy! It may be that political redesign may have been more Blair than Brown but they pioneered a new political diet to avoid all Cold War entropy! Sure mate! Bollocks! New Labour could have done with some cognitive behavioural therapy from the NHS at the time but Truss has reengaged toxicity that makes New Labour quite standard, almost... healthy????!! - that's right Labour has benefitted from Truss too??!! ....or should I call it 'All of Labour' that Starmer may represent or misrepresent over the next few years ?! Tell me who will be the opiate of the people? Labour of Tory?

But surely politicians are the very epicentre of both positive thinking...and negative thinking? Tory 'it's a blast being British or ' Tory meddling has created a permanent private entity in the Agency nurses which has split professionals and vocationals into Health tribes... wait just hang-on, enough of the blurb, just spell it out and not write a PhD about it?! My niece who is qualifying in the area of mental health says: " Stop trying to provoke the NHS!", trust me you do not cross Katie! Perhaps PM Sunak should take note?! Could Rishi Sunak spell it out for the NHS : "Things can only get better..." and now even the Tories would be infiltrating Labour? Perhaps I can help : "No one except PM Sunak is working"! Or perhaps...positive thinking? Welcome to the spirit of the Captaincy of Ben Stokes!...yes, I know,...... another redhead ! But another good one ,right? Oddly, as a redhead myself, the sight of Bairstow, Stokes and Pope winning in the same team is the future of English cricket as well as the future of the monarchy in safe hands!!

Of course I jest a bit, and my typing gets the better of me, but we are the nation of Satire and not just irony....with a lot of self-deprecation and mutual piss-take! It is our identity and consciousness, our sense of humour that bonds pub-life cohesion rather than an audit or spreadsheet! If you can't visualize and can't see where you're going... you know you've had a bloody good night out! So, pub life is at the centre of satire and piss take! Tell me? Why are most Gallaher Premiership male rugby players not from Comprehensive schools, but most fans who support their local team are? But do we want to reverse that? Hell No! Let the posh guys beat the shit out of each other so that we can't recognise them when they are Chief whips and front benchers in the House of Commons, notwithstanding the fact that the House of Lords is more representative of football hooligans ! Again... just ...trying something out ...and ending up insulting nearly everyone!


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