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Much too much

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

R- Wait till I tell the Angel Gabriella

S- Family friend then, the Angel Gabriel?

R- Well she did come to one of my relatives' aid!

S- I was joking Randall

R- Now Gabby doesn't have a sense of humour either ! Just don't mention pillars of salt or not look her in the eye !

S- I could see that that could make people a bit jumpy !

R- Leaps and bounds ! No need for John carter ! Or for religious stalking !

S- How efficient his CCTV must be! I'm sure the Spanish inquisitors are furious !

R- Something about carbon footprint or something about..... environment ?

S- You are aware of Climate Change...? Randall?

R- Lots of pressure on heaven and hell then?

S- Not quite, but nearer than you think

R- Snappy dresser too

S- More Mary Magdeline than St Peter ?

R- No handbags or Cupids, but beautiful gloves

S- Get them on ebay?

R- Deals in heels !

S- Achilles?

R- Did we swap sides or something?

S- Just enjoy the game Randall. and for your information the 'match' is American Football.

R- The night is not young but why not spice..

S- .................................................................. burger game not a rice one Ran

R- " Yis mi ladi !"

S- Thunderbirds are No !

R- Space off the pace Virgil ?

S- Ask Gabriel !

R-Peter is not far behind !

S- Always good to have something already in the bank

S- But wait ! You weren't able to bank role you getting kicked-out of the Sorbonne at 12 years old.

R The cradle or modern philosophy...thank God they booted me out !

S- I'm sure they will always be humbled by you !

R- Gothic, vamp, deluded pranks didn't exactly do it for them did it?

S- Bucolic, tramp and excluded I'm sure won your mother over !

R- She has never been more grateful in all her career !

S- Her career, Ran, her career ? She's your mother for goodness sake !

R- All this social profiling starts at home.

S- Just speak to Sigmund will you?

R- Quacking-up?

R- My great grand mother was Freud's therapist ! Psycho analysis was just another card game she invented. Gave his 'sloppy mind' structure .

S- Now the gloves are really coming off !

R- Gabby will disagree ! And so will st Benn !

S- What are we talking about now Ran?

R- Tony Benn !

S- What would a socialist aristocrat be doing taking bribes from anyone !?

R- Oh, ever so !!

S- What?! WHAT? So Margaret Thatcher dated Benn and then....?

R- ..did you ..know ..that?

S- Oh Fuck-off Randall !

R- He was besotted with her! He even went under cover for her !

S- .........................she was ..his handler? Oh my, shit me sideways !

R- Hey ! Take it up with Gabriel !

S- Of course, health and safety first !

R- God's minister without portfolio !

S- You can't keep an good aristocrat down, and you can't keep a good aristocrat up either !

R- So, Gabby is just a....fixer ! You know the film Pulp Fiction? Well Gabby...

S- ....Don't call him that !

R- the 'Winston Wolf' of the angels.

S- Lovely car !

R- Enzo will be pleased !

S- Mr Ferrari is always welcome, dead or alive !

R- You want to go after 'Mr Red'?

S- Isn't that 'Resourvoir Dogs'?

R- Of course not ! That's a Japanese film ! Tarrantino was just an extra on set !

S- You'll make Enzo quite jealous

R- I doubt if you will !


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