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Narcissism or just bad luck ?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

R- Narcissism ! Without a shadow of a doubt !

S- Why are we then creative the Don Randall Hermann Veske ?

R- Think of a bear-pit where fear of the bear being absent and not in the pit in the first place shocks the system ! And 'Voila' ! Wait is that a double 'l' or not?

S- Tough crowd to please, keep the motor running !

R- Creativity is the outcome of the war with oneself -freedom is when nobody else gets it !

S-..................... freedom is recognizing ones uniqueness surrounded by every body else's uniqueness who you have the choice to either tell or no ?

R- Public scrutiny is based upon whether we kiss and tell or not?

S- Conceptual Art is the most self-evident display of 'we're not telling you what you deserve to know how ?

R- Absolutement !

S- Don't get French wrong, just don't use it unless you're proficient! A bit like Creativity !

R- Clash the styles ! Any bird of prey needs to eat but be eaten by vultures who strip the carcass to the bone for the hungry Wolf to ponder his stupidity and his time sensitive issues !

S- South-paw versus orthodox? Tall skinny bloke coming-off worse than the low centre of gravity rugby-prop type of fighter !

R- Okay ! Now we're really no longer abbreviating the pretentiousness !

S- An architect wants to build his/her dream, but has to knock-down somebody else's to get there !

R- Alright ! Now let the pretentiousness flow !

S- Anger management means the absence of dialogue !

R- You're good !

S- Art is like stand-up comedy - open-mic story teller dries-up so improvises by telling jokes !

R- And your best friend ?

S- You don't let on that he has more talent than you have !

R- You're a pro !

S- Grahame Le Soux can't be Jeff Koons but Jeff Koons can be Grahame Le Saux !

R- Let's add a bit of a misquote...Creativity is where you crash your best friends Plane ,but you walk away with the insurance !.

S- Creativity is the mask of forgetting ?

R- Creativity is...

S-......................... accusation, forgiveness without sharing with your friends?

R- Lie before you cry !!

S- What do you need ?

R- Needing !

S- Seeking clarification?

R- Desperately seeking....?

S- Clarification?

R- Bingo !

S- Good appetite ?

R- Very ' Al...fear..toll..son'.......phonetically speaking

S- Why isn't it spelt with a 'F' ?

R- I don't make the rules Painter !

S- ''...?

R- Save it for a smile whilst you eat your sandwich

S- I'll just save it for a sandwich

R- Any fillings I should know about?

S- Making a dent in the NHS

R- Nicely Heated Sauna's ?

S- Scandinavian for insurance !

R- Open prisons ?

S- I'll promise to bite hard on my gum shield

R- de da de da only want my two front teeth' de da de da..

S- Ask Liam Gallagher !

R- .........Isn't the one who saves me...

S- ....................................................Better saved than depraved !

R- Yes we can pass on Oasis as if it was a Blurr.

S- What would Sheldon say?

R- Moreover what wold George Smilley say?

S- Wry the spy !

R- Break it up, break it down, break the dancer whose..

S-....................................................................................This does not change anything !

R- Crowd the grey matter ! Make no space for company !

S- Interested in interest unless it's interesting?

R- You are a green Oasis without any blue blood veinity !

S- Very courtship ritual !

R- Without the need for conversational Cologne

S- And Painting?

R- That's no courtship ritual or Cologne !

S- 'Naturliecht' !

R- Giving Mr phonetics a real work-over are we ?

S- Every body deserves a second chance

R- Not at all ! Nobody deserves a second chance !

S- East/West/ North/ South !

R- Life isn't very open or good if you let it get the better of you !

S- Stick !

R- Twist !

S- Which is the bigger risk?

R- Health and safety ..again !

S- Keeping the day job ?

R- Just a job to keep the day !


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