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Remember Ukraine

Remember Ukraine in your prayers and your collective wallet: Tanks for halting the process of anti-progress of the illegal Russian invasion; some may say 'it's not my problem' because for some reason ignorance of how local to Britain this attack is and how culturally impoverished and self-preoccupied we have all become! Furthermore, any struggle for cultural, economic, military, and political survival may be lost on the trivia and navel-gazing society that afflicts and will continue to afflict the West, may well have been the motivation for the invasion in the first place!?! Ukraine has struggled against being bereft and betrayed by a neighbour and having to face overwhelming odds can only win our respect and gratitude for their struggle and sacrifice in keeping the Russian advance guessing and facing defeat on the battlefield, fought amongst the rubble and devastation and continuing shelling of civilians. My father and mother were both evacuated in the 2nd world war, leaving Glasgow and Hartlepool respectively to Nazi bombing, but who were the generation that rebuilt Britain too! Ukraine, today you are the resistance, you are the New Europe, you are the independence of this generation and the next!!But tomorrow you will rebuild as a celebration to the values that you clearly resonate with.

Ukraine is indeed at the epicentre of a huge bloody tug of both war, strategy, status, and moral philosophy. You are pivotal to how the West (and not just the East) makes progressive moderation work! Unfortunately, I fear Ukraine is facing a combination of Russian Oligarch trillions, Tzarist imperialism and Soviet-like bullying of its neighbours. For our part, we should never let your values of sovereignty and freedom and your continuing struggle pass under the radar of our media, because then we'd be behaving like the Russian media's blocking of the facts to the Russian people, but by our failings of western self-preoccupation. In general, the term 'liberation' implies invasion to liberate and free people from oppression, but with regards to Ukraine, it didn't work out that way! Instead, your national identity was not liberated by the Russian tank divisions but attacked by them! You are self-liberating amidst the snow and ice and freezing temperatures of the Ukrainian winter and the frozen hearts of 'Russian want to be conquerors! When Ukraine has to bear the weight of all the Russian might, remember that you bear the fragile universal quest of enlightenment on your side, and any part of enlightenment in Europe in the 21st century will lead Europe and transform us: under your moral leadership where you go, we will follow!


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