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Sporting Anomalies

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Football allows you to hunt a yellow card by professional foul, and then it allows you to rotate the fouling around your team on the same player so as to 'spread the blame' and claim that a player 'must be diving' if he keeps going down under any challenge, and then it allows you substitute a player to gain another potential yellow card at crucial moments of a game. Have yellow cards become a fa(r)ce of 'cheating within the rules'? Perhaps avoidance of a red card should not become such hot property in the game of football? 'Sail close to the wind' becomes like a poison injected into the game ?Teams have been sent-out by their manager to provoke or induce a yellow card. Intimidate or to get the fouled player into 'over-reaction'? Perhaps the yellow card has become a trophy to get a ban timed to not play a easy game so as to wipe the slate clean, reward him with a rest to prepare for a more important fixture ?! Perhaps a 'team foul' should be introduced like a referee will sin-bin (by yellow card)in Rugby Union ? Or perhaps referees could pawn their diminishing use of Red Cards on ebay?

Here's a comment on health and safety in the USA : What ever level of American Football you play their is, I think, a regulation that makes helmet wearing compulsory. I can see the case for it, but shouldn't it be on a voluntary basis as crash helmets are in traffic use? You'd be a bloody fool not to wear a helmet in both areas of life, but you've got to make that choice with the facts yourself ! Perhaps 'injury induced recklessness' must be educated by the fact that you'll be careful but you can't legislate for human stupidity getting you into an accident on the roads that you have neither chosen nor provoked. Freedom in the 'sport of life' must always allow for rational decisions being abruptly undermined by some nerk who is not as cautious as you are !

Why are cricket and rugby for example,great imperial exports originally to the Empire mainly played better by fiercely competitive Commonwealth nations when even though we invented football as well, football is played all over the world and not just in Commonwealth countries to a standard that the English fall short of regularly ?

Would England have won more international trophies if they hadn't of won in 1966 ?

Why is USA teaching women how to play 'soccer' in the most domestically advanced league in the world when their male counterparts can only beat England ?

You can find more Scotsmen in the middle of no where than you can in the English Premier League today?

The key to raising the Scottish male football team from the dead of international status is to play England more often ! But why would the English want to be well beaten and stimulate Scottish football at the same time?

In 10 years time the game of cricket will once again have to find a format to bring the crowd numbers up. It's answer so far is 20/20 cricket, but I believe that will need to shortened still further. 10 overs per side is coming , so why does cricket have to shrink to stimulate the game ?

Where are the ex-premier league players who go onto become referees ?

Should sport be re-introduced back into Russia ?

Should footballers be taxed specifically to build hospitals ?

Is the Premier league in its acquisition of the best players be the blue-print for Brexit ?

Why does Jose Mourinho have a Russian accent ?

What does more damage long term : boxers who hit each other 300 or 400 times every fight often after 12 rounds or UFC fighters by more brutal and more gory but immediately decisive means in only 3/5 rounds ? Blood isn't spared in UFC fights but at least they don't accumulate long-term cerebral side affects !

Didn't Britain invent the rules of Boxing ? So how has it evolved in terms of entertainment and proper safeguards ?

The key to success in Football's greatest achievement (the world cup etc) is having all your major stars experiencing foreign leagues in order to fuse talent. But it was Arsene Wenger who invented the predominantly French national side playing as a team for season after season to generate the French national side's success. Arsenal won less English trophies but the french used Wenger to experiment with formations and playing style, and to develop 'youngsters' to make the leap to the full French national side, all under the radar of the Premier league.

Dan Morino was the second best manager that Chelsea ever had ! I understand he swam with the Dolphins ! But does he swim with the football fishes or does he want to get his Spurs, to hook-up with destiny to win 'his Chelsea' a 3rd Premier League Title in 3 different managerial shifts for the only club in London? Wait your turn Jose, Frank's taking his 'dream team' 'Healthy Chelsea' further than anyone before him ! Jose will have to take scraps from the Super Frank top table first ! That is where Chelsea belong ! I'd take Table-topping against Spurs dropping any time every time ! 'The Lamp Stamp' is just beginning the winning ! We don't need any 'Hail Mary Quarterback'! Chelsea aren't back because we never went away ! Stack-up the trophies ! The Premier League maybe 'Sack-your-quarterback' 5 minutes after he became manager, but our Frank is going nowhere fast ! He'll be the longest serving for Chelsea ever ! Tammy and the other young lads will grow old and wise at Frank's Chelsea ! The' long game' will be played by the skilled game at the Bridge !

Do Tatooist's advertise on footballers arms and legs etc

Why does a young Henry VIII look like a poor mans Ben Stokes ?

Should all British football players do national service first?

Does Ben Stokes moonlight as a member of the SAS ?

Let me clear something up :Cricket is not an insect, and 'game' is not a sporting fixture!

Rugby' revenge ! After years of being a back in Rugby tackled by blokes twice the size and ending careers by sporting injury, don't big blokes die earlier than small blokes ? Big blokes do short lives ?

Watching Katie Taylor box in the ring is being interrupted by 'dolly birds' hoisting the number of rounds, whilst a female broadcaster tries to compere the analysis of the fight??? Two out of three are moving the process of progress forward but somehow...?... What do you think it is? Take a wild guess! What is wrong with this picture ? Why play into the hands of politics pushers? If you stop their learn how to trade on a new market !


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