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The birth place of change, not the last moments of shelf-life

The Pension Crisis ? Or the great grandparents putting a shift-in as 'child carers'

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

We live in times, or we soon will be where the new 'multi-generational 'parenthood' will have to act as child-care for their great grand children. This is the new consequence of parents and even grandparents having to work until their 70's, but needing care for youngsters because of the work related demands on them until they are eligible for a pension way later than those who retired aged 65 ! This wage-less demographic in their 80's and 90's is the consequence of increasing longevity, funded by diets and nutrition funded by health evolution is socially responding to the 'invisible hand' of the social industry of longevity. This has given birth to research and development beyond our life expectations in all public and private sectors, where a cure for Alzeimers and dementia has to manage the unsustainability of public purse for Pension status - 'The quality of mercy is not strained ,it droppeth like the gentle rain', must rewind the quality of active longevity fast !

How to extend and maximize the GDP by self-regulation must thrive in conditions where an older population and a shrinking youth employment has to face the omniscient question of how to 'subsidize yesterdays economy without penalizing those who have their whole working lives ahead of them , namely the next generation ? So, when did the NHS become re-engaged with the free market economy whilst being a public health care system for over 70 years ? When the NHS is privatized? No ! When new skills, different medical advances and greater opportunities re-regulate and relocate survival rates, longevity, better quality of life for all that intervenes in the hitherto fear of 'welfare benefit unsustainability' by transforming and extending employment initiative by retrieving skills previously lost to 'retirement' that had previously lost to the public pensions purse. From being an old out of date superannuated...........................NHS, this safety net originally conceived as care largely for the 'wounded in World War 2 across the Empire' has rejected and shrugged off its 'Clause 4 skin' to a recruiting agent of health care well into the 21st century, a 'cause 4 good by research and medical advances that are outstripping the race for disease to mutate and closing in on the big killers in our world. But as important as this medical 'love-in' maybe, it is important to realize that it is an industry that has impacted without any warning on the 'employment longevity' that has threatened to recycle those who thought they could retire to a cottage in Wiltshire, but have another 10 years to work before Pension eligibility ! Just when the NHS felt's bit me on the bum ! Demographics don't lie, and neither does the digital age that doesn't need huge physical exertions that have re-prioritized the nature of employment ! Welcome to more competition by health advances ! Welcome to the new mobilization of the NHS! Welcome to having your child-care facilities being catered for by generations of a fitter and healthier great grandparents then the parents of Johnny and Janie !

Here is one further issue, what if experience is a characteristic of age and extended longevity in a recession ? Could we witness a decline in the birth rate, or a slow social cull ? Who would make those decisions ? Your GP ? Then welcome to the social and financial decisions of his/her GP budget ? Would this re-ignite generational values against generational values in the health care system? Would the young shut down part of the NHS, or privatize some of it just to keep faith with the idea of a free health service to all ? What a switch? Is politics a football of the NHS or the NHS a political football ?


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