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Welcome to all victims of Art over-definition.

Welcome to all victims of Art over-definition and embrace the pluralism and the magnitude of all Paintings made under the sun the moon, the night and the light, where the quality of paint beyond the nursery (Art colleges) isn’t over-tolerant and beyond sharing common values, but share interest in shades of a 'divergent- likeness' to form our collective 'Surrealist dimension'. That is our realism, our literal interpretation of the Kaleidoscopic uneasy relationship and conflict with AI etc., that we intend and not feel imposed upon by the fashionable Art accessories of the followers of trends or coerced by or beyond our local bee group. Who needs to give way to a system or mind-numbing, mind-bending conveyor-belt that is too powerful an Art system when we are the protectors of anti-air-brushed perfection and anti-Art junk-shop grazers munching on Conceptual Art. This is a re-drawing of 'non-tram lines Art', where you sacrifice adversarial positioning and polarization and not your practice or medium by choice!

Technically we are imperfect just as our Paintings are imperfect. Our subject matter is without limit and our vision is...... more a mission??! Now I get it, let us not go over the top!? Yet we have so much more from our collective ancestry, like the multiple layers of every Painting, of every brushstroke, every epoch every mistake every victory, creating a British led visual inheritance connected by Paint that today is under our noses! No? Then imagine an alien trying to make sense of the internet, its adverts, its multiple image, its multiple functions all at once!!? Wait, you do not have to be an alien to notice that today’s world is not 1989 but is visual effing science fiction! It is not intrusive only, it is absolutely excessive, and just switch on and look out! We cannot control it, but we can be addicted to it. Blackmailed by it? Groomed by it........humiliated by it and disgraced by it!???? All in a touch of a button, virtually anywhere, globally! It is our virtual reality access, but also our alter ego gone bananas!

We are expected to log-on to being visually thrown in a metaphorical tumble-drier that does not ebb and flow or drift but launches us into space on a canvas! Our visual optical lens of life is our proverbial fingerprint in the footprint of human history 's need for Paint to spew a print over a human hand!... and before! But Paint precedes and will succeed our times (if Einstein is right about 'bows and arrows' of a future?). Indeed, it is not Paint that is used by mankind but mankind that self-documents mankind's societal failure to not self-destruct, all by the visual signposts, warnings and fears expressed on 2D surfaces (and even 3D surfaces).??!!

But is not Painting still in its canvas infancy? Of course, so are we going to let new tech, digitalism AI etc remain just another Marcel Duchamps conceptual Art (1918 onwards) derivative but well sponsored over-hyped Art by assemblage of junk-shop upgrade dictate how we follow our practice? That is not resistance to a bigger player, that is not being thrown or thrown-out by any Art Tom, Dick or Harry wanting to make the headlines, who will soon be forgotten! But even though all Paintings will be subjected to father time and inevitably will decay, there vision may well be better preserved! Just as I will run- out of things write and say about Painting, my moment will allow me to stop any script or verbals to focus on visuals by Paint and I will then be able to shift my part of the contemporary Art lingo that has become 'the Art' and not the actual Painting itself! 'Just what you see pal' may become a useful mantra!! And I can't wait. And no doubt neither can you!?

But have we learnt (not by choice) that we are the generation who place our fingerprint to seek-out the new from the what's under our noses, where our literal integration of what we see IS our full spectrum of... the Surreal' may only be an experience on our mobile phones and the tip of the iceberg for a wild expanse of potential for all Painters? Painters may appear to be drowned out by the cacophony of white tech noise, but actually it may be a true point of departure for a stylized modernist experience on Paint today that may be most applicable specifically for today? Or once again, you cannot keep a good medium down! Or not, you decide!


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