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When bankable certainties are surrendered

What do you do when you realise that your best advantage against your opponent (Tory competence over the economy) is Lizsting in the wrong direction? Do you surrender years of painstaking subtlety, diplomacy and a lot of political capital spent over many government administrations, when your valiant efforts are brought down in 7 weeks of self-sabotage of off-grid 'wishful tinkering' tampering with macro global issues that are surviving on post Covid hair-trigger market sensitivity bereft of confidence? I know, make it even worse by jeopardizing Brexit too by handing EU resentment of it a way to undermine the whole Brexit project altogether!???!!!

Or, do you contrast Sunshine Sunak with Liz Rust? The talent for a new Era of possibilities and potential has emerged because of an excuse to blame Truss for everything but now we can move-on please' is one that PM Sunak has. Remember, we've had so many leadership changes, so many loyalties betrayed, new starts that flop, personnel reversals that we are all suffering from election fatigue, because it seems like that the elongation of the Tory party leadership elections have subliminally 'replaced' any general election and moreover actually allowed the public to then choose its Prime Minister directly!?! There is no doubt that the public just want their politicians to do their job and stop making policy promises it can't keep and stop indulging in electoral over-kill that has dragged the public that just wants to prioritise the weekly shop, price of milk and how the price of heating bills will impact on them! This political window of opportunity is unique where the Public are exhausted of all tests, elections, lockdowns, and repeated visits for injections, boosters and want his calm and his experience as Covid Chancellor (that was meant to be a poisoned chalice) gleaned a reputation as having broad political shoulders whilst always having recourse to using the political knife if those above or below were n' doing their job! He will brand himself as the political GP meeting needs instead of requiring people to attend a political A and E, to further stand in a queue for hours before people can register their complaint but feel not listened to!

But will the fuel poverty of the WWCN vote that has supported Brexit in 2 different elections be under threat of switching back to its class historical allegiances? If I read PM Sunak right, he's not just a spreadsheet guy but a streetwise type who has survived the rough and tumble of robust Tory interrogation for a reason! And this is it But he will succeed in turning the economy round and lead most of us into prosperity; but he'll need 5/6 years to do it! That is 3/4 years he doesn't have before he must constitutionally call a general election! I believe he may lose that election, but do far better than anyone had thought possible after 'the Rust' chaos! But like most big political beasts, he will gain long-term sympathisers who will regard him as their benchmark of a truly successful Tory leader!

But will Labour or Sunak dominate the ground-breaking era of start-over? Who will sublimate the aggressive combative fearlessness of heretical high-octane reformation of all levels of multiple talents and energy invigorating 'New Deal' of post -Truss? Who will blink first and not send for the political paramedics for re-enforcements? At the very least Brexit is being recognised by Starmer, and Labour now have enough ideological broad-church experience gained by 13 years in the political wilderness to welcome the 'Blairite New Labour' generations were actually ended definitively when PM Cameron (who was initially elected Tory leader as the Tory Tony Blair) lost the referendum over Brexit back in 2015/16..... which is why Starmer has recognised definitively how and why 'New Labour' will no longer linger in the nostrils of the 'political internal austerity' that Labour has a tendency for. "Goodbye and bad luck" to New Labour will delight the Tories , who will devour Starmer Labour as a hotch-potch of Corbynism, Blairism, Brownism etc , until they realise that Labour is the aggregate of all Tory fears!?! Starmer will set the clock at what type of 'every Labour' hurts the Tories the most? But PM Sunak may try to wrong foot the NHS to get at Labour? Does he promote NHS Staff or institutions of it?

So could the issue of 'sovereignty' emerge from the Brexit vote to intermingle with how 'true and straight forward as well as transparent and open to scrutiny' both major parties are in the production and consumerism of its philosophical integrity especially in its conversations with the public? Does the public feel that it is they who vote in elections for their choice of policy priorities, and therefore they are ultimately sovereign? Or not?

But here's some harsh realities on the way changes in demographics always sway sophological analysis: Forgive me if this is too crude, but essentially, those who tended to vote for a protest vote for Corbyn with his appearance at Glastonbury actually extended Corbyn's leadership artificially, because by the following election, those who supported him before were having to vote to keep their new professional (after University political blow-back) and their new investments at a safe distance away from egalitarians like Corbyn. Likewise, those who were too young to vote Blair in 2005 don't remember the public outcry that destroyed Brown's government that followed the 2005 election; this makes them potentially new to Labour without the scar of Brown's government being electorally blamed for Blair's decision over Iraq.

Furthermore, those who are no longer with us are no longer going to predominately vote Tory, But those who are too young to remember Thatcherism may believe that Pm Sunak is personable but also clinical enough to take on something 'long-overdue' - all the public sector workers and strikers, and "put them back in their place where they belong!" Or, those with too much history or too little experience of voting may simply not vote on ideological grounds but on one issue politics, like an answer to "should the Nurses be allowed to strike or not? So there are many changes including constituency boundaries that can transform the media impression and assumptions of, for and against any political party, transforming their fortunes for better or worse! And what may worry Labour is that Truss is as unpopular as Trump, but unlike Trump people may vote for the victor against Truss - Rishi Sunak and not the leader of the Labour Party!?

Or will PM Sunak suffer from Ken Clarkeitus? A great Chancellor who was robbed of his well earned rewards by New Labour in 1997? Or will he be a Gordon Brown PM who redeemed the UK and Western Europe that was floundering in the wake of the sub-prime market in the USA by holding his nerve and poker face-brinkmanship to provide a blue-print to stabilise international markets that were panicking and in self-destructive mode? Will he be like Brown showing clear leadership and independence from the USA, who may have respected his post-Keynesian management of resources and post Keynesian security that reinforced the banks, (that had been at the mercy of the credit-crunch), only to find he was voted out of government by an ungrateful electorate? Or will PM Sunak once again ride-out the past and the precedents to depart from the historical norms and conventional wisdom's of expectation? Or will Starmer believe that PM Sunak is the Tory victim to be electorally sacrificed in order for the Tories to refresh its front bench? So why would Starmer just want to be PM for just one term? A better but still a losing election for PM Sunak may be the inevitable cruelty of power not just for Sunak but also for one term only Starmer?


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