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Why walk the plank of the past ?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

All the crystal balls in the world may not be able to impact permanently on the choices we collectively and individually make. Indeed, any Humanism and Revisionism that I explore must engage aspects of life beyond the scope of my up-bringing, my environment and my past context, in order to assess the 'Bermuda Triangle' of a political landscape that has escaped a lot of my generation. They do like to roll-out the cliché of 'at 18 if you're not an Anarchist you have no heart, but if you're not a Tory by 40, you have no brain !'. Does it seem daft to explain and justify a genuine interest in a world that my background has repudiated? Can't people find ways to communicate to each other by understanding their respective but wholly different cultures, ethnicity, language? Do I have to read the riot act to those who believe in the status quo of political entrenchment tacitly agreed by all sides to sustain their mutual enmity? You see, that's the world of the Cold War rhetoric feeding into our prejudices that no longer exists, no? It is also a bygone era of unsustainable over-confidence and micro management that is too attached to over-prepping and over-reliance on mutual intelligence.

But that wasn't the only reason why the Cold War was unsustainable on both sides ! Perhaps the failure of the USSR still relives the moments before it dawned on the inevitability of Soviet collapse and its assumed return in another form - dangerous thing being convinced of your own propaganda! Marxist skid-marks aren't always the most reliable source of information ! But imagine how livid the Russians may be if there are some from the hard Left in Britain who use the Soviet collapse as a launching pad to buy the latest new improved version of 21st century Marxism? 'You think you can do better, huh?!' 'Be my guest, knock yourself out ! Just so you know, that I told you so when you implode or explode !' 'Second waves' or sequels are never as good though, no? Well it could not have gone much worse actually, and some actually think that exhuming the politics of Marx is a life-saver today ?!! Do they insist on post dated cheques like the last Marxist Leninist regime in Russia:' We'll pay you tomorrow sort of thing ??' Or write a big benevolent cheque knowing it will bounce sort of thing ? Somebody's has got 'herd' and 'heart' confused !

So the in-coming volley of shots from the 'nervous Left' may no longer be about self-conscious sensitivity about 'New Labour' but about a hard Left agenda ! Compare this with the progressive free Right to liberalise the Brexit economy and the welfare of self-tolerance through the prism of self-transformation by opening-up ideas whilst fighting a pitch battle against Covid-19.This philosophical self-reform is not national self-harm but independence from past entrenchment; 'everything can be negotiated, and everyone can self-transform it ! Collegiate partnership and strengthened not undermined by more accountability, scrutiny, passion and loyalty-Britain at its most fearsome and at its most defiant ! All of the world is a stage of Medusa moments that we can either hide or not hide from; use a mirror on the hypocrisy of our generation and era ! Society is able to evolve by quantum political leaps too ! Surely it is the 80% of the human brain that we don't use that offers the capacity for change? Or is it the 20% we use that shuts us down ? Humanity has everything to gain. Here's a Russian proverb that we and Russia would do well to heed : With lies you can move forward but you can never go back ! How will we learn from that ? Robin Knighthood knows that Boris is a performer who loves to publicly demonstrate his showmanship; keir Robin Knighthood in Parliament do it? Let's wait-up for it after the watershed !


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