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Unexplored Potential

1. I want to mount one painted canvas on top of another

This could bring a metaphorical’ landscape’ that either has some chemistry between each interaction or the complete opposite. The multi-layered personality of incongruity or compatibility interacts with all potential originality. This can be modified or transferred into any mutual part of each painting. Cross pollination of ideas is compelled to emerge or lending the images to a more harmonious outcome. This is not only a 3D characteristic or an alternative to a cold lifeless frame. It also provides the multiplicity of range for a greater partnership between curator and artist.

2. Montage or Jigsaw?

A multiple of paintings juxtaposed or clinging onto a larger entity.

3. Technical innovation for modifications of display

Either random, formulaic or the specific idiosyncratic pattern of lighting for a specific Painting etc or Paintings, that can be attached behind it. These should enrich rather than relegate the experience of the original imperfect human hand, eye and brush of the Paintings. This has a flexibility that brings ‘curatorship’ to a more significant and contemporary emphasis, albeit to a to an unpopular medium of Painting.

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