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Right Wing

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

There are general assumptions about 'Right wing ' thought,that involve ideological and pragmatic opinion, especially when it includes critical perspectives about the 'Left'. A collectivistic and individualist approach emerges to engage Capitalism and the free Market doctrine against Socialism per se., or a philosophical direction that calls into question methods and policies that are perceived as corrupt, nepotistic,manipulative and hypocritical of the Left by the Left's own standards. Empirically, I'd argue that it is the latter that is the most effective, reaches out to a broader demographic and engages the hitherto moral microphone that is popularly considered to be monopolized by the 'idealism' consecrated by the 'Left wing' basking in not being electable.

I consider it my duty to avoid ideology and counter ideology in exposing all forms of corruption. It just happens that I'm a proud Conservative as well. I fully endorse the campaign that a certain broadsheet ran against corruption in Parliament, Whitehall and preditorial deceit and criminal scandal by those who thought they were above the Law. I believe we should embark on a campaign to expose any corruption we find, and not abandon those who are in the process of doing the job themselves. We have new skill sets, new rallying cries, new demographic supporters to harvest the genuine efforts to show that we're just as principled and modern as any other political force

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